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59% of US businesses accept cryptocurrency payments

bitcoin token - 59% of US businesses accept cryptocurrency payments

Un survey commissioned by the insurer Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) opens extremely promising scenarios for the cryptocurrency. Based on survey data, conducted by Zogby AnaliticsIn fact, about a third of SMEs in the United States now accept virtual currencies as a valid form of payment. The study also found that 36% of small and medium-sized businesses are in favor of cryptocurrencies, and that 59% of these businesses had previously used digital assets.
It is indeed a quite surprising result, considering the skepticism that the world of finance has reserved for cryptocurrencies for years. The real economy is clearly much more ready and receptive to innovation. In particular new businesses open up to digital payments and this does not sound surprising, considering that the younger ones manage them.

More opportunities, but also more risks

In commenting on the survey data, the Vice President of HSB, Timothy Zeilman, said that cryptocurrencies find such a pronounced appreciation by companies precisely for the opportunities they are able to offer, in particular in the form of faster and cheaper payments. At the same time he recalled that as in all fields where money flows attention must be paid to fraud. Being scammed by a newly opened small business can prove fatal. It is therefore necessary to better prepare your systems to avoid more and more frequent cyber-attacks and to do it, again according to Zilman, the best thing is seize the technology on which digital assets are based.

The survey confirmations

The data from this survey are mixed with those from another statistical survey, the one that was conducted by Harris Insights and the startup Crypto Save. In this case, the sample consulted concerns US citizens and revealed that the half of them is willing to buy Bitcoin. This is a strong increase in confidence in digital coins, which confirms how themass adoption they are no longer a dream (or a nightmare, for example for political and financial institutions), but a real perspective. A figure which, moreover, does not only concern the United States, but also other parts of the world. It would suffice to recall in fact the recent announcement given in Francia and related to the decision of many actors of the large transalpine distribution to accept Bitcoin in payments that take place within their stores.

Reserve of value and safe haven

In addition to being an increasingly accepted tool in online transactions, Bitcoin (and also other cryptocurrencies considered truly reliable) is now considered to be a well shelter, as evidenced by the growth of its listing during the recent crisis between the United States and Iran.
Furthermore, more and more citizens of countries beset by too high inflation levels, for example theArgentina or Venezuela, who are turning to BTC to prevent freshly collected salary and pension money from being eaten up too quickly by rising cost of living.
A series of factors that, bonding together, make the atmosphere around digital assets increasingly favorable. So much so as to also push governments to change their approach to virtual currencies, to the point of putting in place CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), or state cryptocurrencies. Not doing so would pave the way for the much-feared decentralization preached by digital asset advocates.

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