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London is confirmed as one of the main blockchain hubs

blockchain technology - London is confirmed as one of the main blockchain hubs

London now represents one of the main hubs of blockchain in the world and a paradise for industry startups. The thesis is supported by a recent study conducted by Outlier Ventures, in which some data are remembered that validly support the thesis. Among them the over 450 companies operating in the sector who have elected the capital of the United Kingdom as its home and the over $ 500 million that has been raised by them in the form of equity financing.
The analysts of Outlier Ventures themselves have therefore tried to understand better the reasons that led these companies to choose London. So let's take a closer look at the matter.

The factors that favor London

The reasons for the high concentration of companies operating in the blockchain sector are to be found in particular:

  1. the influx of talent from the EU before Brexit;
  2. in the absence of real obstacles to the incorporation of companies;
  3. in the timely work of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) aimed at launching certain rules to make the large Fintech ecosystem developed in London strong and transparent.

A series of conditions that allow blockchain start-ups in the United Kingdom to raise $ 503 million in equity financing, as of 2013. One in three companies operating in the sector manages to magnetize the funding needed to feed its development plans. With remarkable results.

A journey that has already started for some time

It should also be stressed that the role of global hub for the blockchain was not conquered by the British capital suddenly, but represents the right reward for a job started for years now.
Already in 2018, in fact, a powerful one relationship of 960 pages edited by Big Innovation Center, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics on the state of the blockchain industry in Britain, he pointed out that London had all the resources necessary to earn this role by 2022.
Within the report, 225 UK-based companies, 170 investors, 20 technology hubs and think tanks, 10 incubators and accelerators, and 100 well-known faces from the British blockchain industry were also identified. An eco-environment that is weighing heavily on London's growth.

Blockchain: the comment by Birgitte Andersen

Very interesting, in the context of the 2018 work, was the comment released in the margins of the report by Birgitte Andersen, CEO of the Big Innovation Center. Indeed, she herself had wanted to emphasize the fact that the blockchain had been recognized by the UK Parliament as a very important and disruptive technology. This recognition later turned into the commitment to support the accelerated development of the digital economy by leveraging government initiatives. A policy that is now giving increasingly remarkable results, to the benefit of the whole country.

UK leader of the digital economy?

Dmitry Kaminsky, founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics, had in turn affirmed how the United Kingdom was preparing to become a leading country in the digital economy sector. A role favored by the use of artificial intelligence, considered the CPU of its next generation.
A prophecy that seems to be getting closer and closer, considering the relationship of Outlier Ventures and, above all, the ability of the British political and financial institutions to support the ongoing technological development. Without delaying in the defense of a traditional finance that seems noticeably troubled.

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