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Taxis in the UK and Scandinavia will be able to accept payments in Ethereum

Agreement reached between HIPS and The Payment House

The mobile payment company HIPS e The Payment House have entered into a partnership with the intent of allow taxis in the UK and Scandinavia to accept cryptocurrency on blockchain di Ethereum. As a result of this agreement, there will be over 10 thousand in the UK and 20 thousand in Scandinavia paid cars able to use the payment gateway once a beta test is scheduled for next November.
The platform will initially accept the stablecoin USD Coin and HIPS merchant token (MTO), which is issued on Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard. Support for other cryptocurrencies, in particular for Cardano e SolariumBut not only.

Ethereum - UK and Scandinavian taxis will be able to accept payments in Ethereum

Another step towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies

The announcement relating to British and Scandinavian taxis is in practice in addition to those that have affected several sectors over the last few months. Consider, for example, the possibility granted by the publishing company of Time for the payment of subscription services in Bitcoin. Or the one introduced by the digital payment system PayPal in favor of its users.
So much so as to push many observers to foreshadow an imminent mass adoption of digital money, especially if the health situation does not improve significantly. In fact, cash has been accused several times of being a possible vehicle of contagion for Covid. Consequently inducing many people to focus on intangible forms of payment. Starting with cryptocurrencies.

HIPS: what is it all about?

HIPS comprises the HIPS Merchant protocol, the HMP-gateway platform and its token. Launched in early April, the system was designed to be able to run on any blockchain that has support for smart contracts. As a result of this feature in the future it will be able to use not only Ethereum but also Cardano and Solana among others. In particular, Solana, with its high transaction speed of over 50 processes per second, could be ideal for shorter taxi journeys.

Digital money is increasingly present in everyday life

By now the agreements relating to the use of the major cryptocurrencies in the payment system no longer arouse excessive surprise. A trend that began some time ago and that over the last few months has been reinvigorated precisely on the wave of fears triggered by the spread of the pandemic of coronavirus.
Digital money, however, had previously made a notable appearance, in particular in the Latin American continent. Where too high inflation levels have prompted large numbers of people to exchange salaries and pensions in popular Bitcoin and Altcoin. One way he could escape the almost immediate loss of purchasing power he saw Venezuela e Argentina on the front line.

The African case

In Africa too, cryptocurrencies are proving to be an ideal means of providing effective answers to major problems. In particular to that represented by lack of means to allow many people to escape financial exclusion and consequently manage their assets more effectively. A trend that is particularly evident in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. Which could soon interest others on the black continent, favoring their growth from an economic point of view.

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