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A new client from IOHK to make the Ethereum Classic blockchain more secure

The IOHK foundation that deals with the Cardano blockchain has created a new client specifically for the clo

Ethereum - A new client from IOHK to make the Ethereum Classic blockchain more secure

The IOHK foundation which deals with the development of the blockchain di Cardano presented a new client that was written specifically for the blockchain of Ethereum Classic. This new client will allow for both greater security and better usability. The Client that will be run on the ETC network without however affecting the basic principles of the blockchain, such as its motto "code is law".

Through the adoption of this client it will be possible to solve the problem of attacks by hackers by 51%, in addition, a fund will also be proposed that will be used to finance any future developments for the blockchain.

An interesting fact to note is how this client was developed three years ago, in 2017, but only thanks to the recent negative episodes suffered by the blockchain has it been brought to the fore, and it is precisely for this reason that it has been integrated in order to be better compatible with the network without having to cause a fork.

The strong point of the client is to go to create checkpoints that allow to mitigate the risk of attacks by 51% and that also allow you to take advantage of SCALA, the programming language. Although an improvement has been made regarding smart contracts, given that the K framework will be used, which offers the possibility of predicting with greater certainty the cost of gas for smart contracts. 

Charles Hockinson the CEO of IOHK he said it is very prepositive on the blockchain. Ethereum Classic has reached a crossroads on a philosophical level, a hashrate level, a price drop, and activity on the chain indicating how ETC needs to take a new direction. For this reason we have chosen to provide more life to the eco-system. If we manage to reach the goal, not only the Ethereum Classic platform will be able to thrive. But you will also have the opportunity to realize an original philosophy that will become crucial with the increase in regulation, including the adoption of digital currencies by various governments.

Surely without appropriate measures this blockchain would not have been able to continue correctly over the long term ed Ethereum Classic it could have disappeared, as a series of attacks make the structure for users and developers unreliable. This work with the IUHK demonstrates how cooperation between different blockchains is also possible.

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