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Added 5 cryptocurrency to the Coinbase Card service

Coinbase, through an article on its official blog, stated that new assets will be integrated cryptocurrency to insert on the Coinbase card.

The service has added a total of 5 new cryptocurrencies, so that 4 has moved on to the possibility of making payments with well 9 cryptocurrencies using the Coinbase Card. The new cryptocurrencies available will be: Ripple (XPR), Augur (REP), Brave (BAT), Stellar (XLM) and 0x (ZXR).

The new cryptocurrencies are added to: Ethereum (ETH); Litecoin (LTC); Bitcoin (BTC); Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The service has expanded into 10 countries, these are: Sweden, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Norway, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Liechtenstein and Croatia.

How the Coinbase Card works

The Coinbase Card is a peculiar card that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies that you have within your own wallet without having to convert them into FIAT currencies first.

It is certainly a significant advantage, because there is no need to switch from one wallet to another and no difficult conversion operations must be carried out, when a store or site does not accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Of course, in order to make the best use of the paper, its application is also needed for both Android and iOS, in this way you can interact at any time with your wallet on Coinbase.

The card can be easily requested on Coinbase, after which it is received directly at home.

So why many appreciate the extension of the use of cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase Card? Simple, as you have the opportunity to be able to use your digital currencies with a tool accepted by everyone, namely the credit card.

In short, in this way the cryptocurrencies find their use in daily expenses with a simplicity of use especially appreciated by those who have recently entered this world, and especially for those who want to use them to make purchases without paying too high conversion fees.

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