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After HTC now comes the Samsung mining smartphone

galaxy a quantum - Samsung's smartphone for mining now arrives after HTC

After HTC, now Samsung has also decided to produce a smartphone capable of making mining. If the Taiwanese brand had bet on Monero, the South Korean giant has instead left free choice. The Galaxy A Quantum will allow it, the first smartphone model based on blockchain in 5G equipped with a quantum random number generator.

About Galaxy A Quantum

Galaxy A Quantum it is actually a variant of the Samsung A71, which had been introduced just under a month ago. The difference is given by the presence inside the QRNG chipset (quantum random number generator), thanks to which the device is able to guarantee greater safety. Just this chip allows you to generate random numbers based on quantum technology crypto.
The price of the new smartphone will hover around 500 €, a cost much lower than that of the top of the range, which, at least according to the specifications, does not seem to have anything to envy. The new smartphone from Samsung presents a 6,7-inch super Amoled display and has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. It is also equipped with a 32 MP front camera with f2 / 2 aperture, while 4 cameras are mounted on the rear capable of giving life to a resolution of up to 64 MP.

HTC and Monero

Samsung's smartphone falls fully into the category of blockchain phone. In practice, these are devices which not only allow you to mine cryptocurrencies, but are also compatible with wallet, or the digital wallets delegated to keep the purchased virtual coins. And, again, they prove to be able to guarantee private key storage systems judged to be actually safe, a feature that should not be underestimated given the increasingly pressing activity of hackers.
In this category it was recently reported Exodus 1, launched with great fanfare by HTC. Just recently, however, the impression that had been made explicit by was confirmed Vitalik Buterin, according to which it is nothing more than a simple advertising operation. According to the latest news, in fact. It seems that they are it takes about a hundred years to pay back the investment made, considered as to own one you need to pay around 400 euros.

Electroneum M1, the smartphone born from a cryptocurrency

A reverse operation was then fielded by Electroneum, a cryptocurrency still not well known, which however has decided to increase its notoriety producing a blockchain phone, renamed precisely Electroneum M1. Certified by Google Mobile Services, it is priced at dollars 80 (less than 70 euros) and after being launched in South Africa, it was then placed in the sales channel also on Amazon.
In this case the convenience is certainly greater, considered as based on the calculations made it would be possible to earn about three euros a month with mining. In practice, a couple of years may be enough to pay off the initial investment. An innovative idea, however, that made it possible to make Electroneum known, even if in fact this virtual currency did not take the leap that many had vaticinated in its initial phase.

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