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Akoin, launched in Mwale Medical and Technology City in Kenya

Rapper Akon's project continues its march

If it had been greeted with some skepticism, the project Akoin instead it is demonstrating all its real potential. As demonstrated in these hours since the launch of the token inside the Mwale Medical and Technology City, the citadel located within Kenya where Akoin is set to become the facility's exclusive digital currency by the end of 2022. With the express purpose of processing transactions between $ 1,7 and $ 2 billion a year.

Akoin - Akoin, launched in Mwale Medical and Technology City in Kenya

Akoin: The launch phase has been completed

Akoin's trial phase began in November last year, when the token was enclosed in the negotiations of Bittrex. Now we learn the success that crowned it and, consequently, the passage to the next phase. Consisting of full implementation within the $ 2 billion complex, scheduled for next July. Commenting on the success of the operation was the president and co-founder of Akoin, Jon Karas, who emphasized in particular the great enthusiasm that greeted the event.

Akoin: what will happen now

The roadmap prepared by the proponents of the project now provides for the distribution of Akoin in order to accelerate its adoption among 5 thousand hospital workers, 2 thousand merchants and over 35 thousand residents of the MMTC. An anticipation of what will happen by 2022, when only cryptographic transactions will be accepted in the citadel.
Akoin's team is also working on releasing one physical card linked to the AKN wallet. Which will allow users to transact on 40 million global trading platforms. What has been mentioned so far, however, represents only a first phase within a more complex and extremely ambitious plan.

Akoin: The real goal is the adoption of the token across the continent

To explain Akoin's real goal was Lynn Liss, co-founder of Akoin. According to which the implementation of the token within the Mwale Medical and Technology City will act as a test bed in order to understand if the prepared model can be the harbinger for its adoption throughout the black continent.
As can be easily understood, this is a far-reaching plan. Specifically aimed at achieving thefinancial inclusion of hundreds of millions of people currently unable to manage their assets due to the absence of adequate banking and financial instruments. A goal which now no longer seems just a dream.

Is Akon's dream about to come true?

As already mentioned, Akoin was greeted with a certain skepticism at the beginning of his adventure. It derives not so much from the project launched, as from the fact that it was proposed by a music star, the rapper Akon. A person who, at first glance, does not seem to have the technical background for such a complex operation.
The successful launch of Akoin within the Mwale Medical and Technology City, on the other hand, seems to dispel any doubts about the potential of the current operation. Which actually seems to have what it takes to give the black continent one more card to play in the challenge against underdevelopment. Also caused by the lack of financial and monetary instruments capable of helping Africans to free themselves from atavistic poverty. A mission never carried out up to now by governments too often corrupt and committed only to stripping Africa of its immense wealth.

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