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Akon City, the doubts of local communities on the Ugandan project

Opposition to the operation is growing in Uganda and Senegal

If they have risen to two, the Akon City in the project, in Senegal and Uganda, the doubts of the local communities on the level of the Senegalese artist centered on Akoin. A plan which, if on paper it seems capable of bringing actual benefits locally, in practice is instead showing significant limits. Which could in the end, if not lead it to failure, however, lead to a realization of a completely different sign than the one expected.

Akoin - Akon City, the doubts of local communities on the Ugandan project

Doubts are growing in Uganda

As for the Ugandan Akon City, which should be built on land granted by the government for the purpose, 6 billion dollars are needed to complete it. Four of them have already been collected and therefore work could begin shortly, whose completion is scheduled for 2036.
Meanwhile, however, the opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change, has begun to cast serious doubts about what might happen. In particular, stating that it is practically a secret of Pulcinella that the city born from the fertile mind of Akon will never be born. Consequently raising considerable questions about the haste with which government officials are giving land to characters who seem exclusively intent on exploiting the situation for their own exclusive advantages.

Canary Mugume's questions

In particular, he was a well-known local investigative journalist, Canary Mugume, to speak on the issue. He did so by posting a message on Twitter, in which he claims to have asked the artist three times how much it would cost to build his city in Uganda. Without ever receiving a direct response from Akon.
Mugume himself then asked the interlocutor if normal people will be able to use the services provided within the futuristic city, once the works are finished. Also in this case Akon has given life to a long turn of words, with the clear intention of spreading smoke. In particular, stating that Africans are burdened with a low sense of self-worth. Unlike what happened when the inhabitants of the continent were kings and queens, managing an unimaginable wealth. Finally, adding that he intends to build his city in Uganda, a country whose beauty he could not imagine.

Doubts continue to be very strong

If Akon's project was originally greeted with considerable skepticism, the lack of clarity of his answers seems destined to reinvigorate him. Precisely because what is being achieved practically disavows the original intent. Which provided for the enhancement of local resources, while in reality the construction of the city planned in Senegal was entrusted to an external architect. As was the development of the works, which was contracted out to US companies.

A simple speculation?

Akon himself stated that he did not want to devote himself to the development of the project. A fairly understandable attitude, but at the same time such as to give new strength to the many doubts of those who, from the beginning, see Akon City as a simple speculation. So something totally different from the original intent. Which, at least on paper, aimed to give new opportunities to areas still burdened by underdevelopment.
All that remains is to witness the subsequent developments of the affair, which however seems destined to provoke new controversies over the next few months.

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