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Amazon ready to accept Bitcoin payments?

The indiscretion comes from an internal source

Amazon would be ready to accept payments in Bitcoin already by the end of the year. The indiscretion has spread in the past hours and is based on anonymous sources. That is an employee of the company who mentioned the possibility during an interview with City AM.
A hypothesis which, according to analysts, would however be supported by two absolutely concrete elements. And such as to suggest that in fact something is moving in this direction within the company founded and directed by Jeff Bezos.

Amazon - Is Amazon ready to accept Bitcoin payments?

What are the concrete facts supporting the indiscretion?

The first of these two facts is represented by one work advertisement concerning its own Amazon. Which would be looking for a “Digital Currency and Blockchain Product Lead ". The announcement was published on the company's institutional website and refers to a specialist not only in digital money, but also in blockchain and CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), with the specific intent of developing concrete use cases. With a specific reference to the opportunity to work in payments of one of the largest e-commerce companies, globally. Which is the other factor that suggests Amazon is now entered in the order of ideas to offer payments in cryptocurrencies to its users.
In practice, according to analysts, the US company cannot leave the field open to competition. In particular, the one that has already announced plans relating to the use of digital assets for its payments. This would be too high a risk, such as to push it to move in order not to find itself caught off guard.

Amazon is about to adopt a complex strategy

It should also be noted that the plans developed by the Atlanta company are not limited to the use of BTC in its payment system. To the cryptographic icon in fact, some of the most popular Altcoins should be added later, among which Ethereum, Cardano e Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, the job outlet would result in launch of a native token destined to run on his network. That is something very similar to diem, the project that has been in place for some time since Facebook.
It remains to be seen whether such a plan is not intended to elicit the same opposition to Mark Zuckerberg's cryptocurrency, clearly opposed by the stars and stripes political world, since the publication of its White paper. Not a very remote hypothesis considering Bezos' not excessive popularity in Washington.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin takes off again

In the wake of the discussion sparked by the rumors relating to Amazon, Bitcoin has once again taken off. In fact, within a few hours it increased by more than 10%, continuing the upward movement for a considerable amount of time, before giving life to a physiological folding.
The creation of the Satoshi Nakamoto was also able to benefit from the news coming from another very important front, namely that represented by Twitter. The social media, in fact, has announced its intention to reserve a place of great importance for BTC in the future of the platform. A series of news which have favored not only its growth, allowing him to easily exceed $ 37, but also that of the entire sector. Reversing, at least for a few hours, a negative course for some time now.

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