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American Express will offer its first credit card with cryptocurrency rewards

American Express is about to launch his first premium credit card on cryptocurrency as an integral element a partnership with Abra, according to what the two companies jointly stated in a release at the cryptocurrency conference Consensus, held this week in Austin.

The announcement follows in the footsteps of other large credit card payment service providers and, in particular, Visa e MasterCard. In any case, it represents an important step forward in the integration of cryptocurrencies in the current credit card landscape. On the other hand, the holders of AmEx are over 60 million, according to the data of the beginning of the year, and the novelty will allow all those who want to have access to direct rewards in cryptocurrency for the expenses made for the first time ever with a partner card with Abra.

The American Express and Abra partnership

The "Open Crypto CardWas unveiled a few days ago at the annual Consensus event in Austin, Texas, offering cryptocurrency rewards for any category and purchase amount, according to the official press release.

Abra already offers a platform token, "Crypto Perx”(CPRX), which is expected to be joined by a (as yet unrevealed) series of core tokens as options for earning rewards. On the occasion of the announcements, the Abraha team also said that their app will support the storage and viewing of the NFT gallery.

The president of Global Network Services of American Express, Mohammed Badi, stated that Abra carries with him "deep experience in both cryptographic and traditional financial services”Which makes it a suitable partner for business

Abra thus joins a growing list of crypto-native card issuers with awards and accolades, including BlockFi, Gemini, Nexo and others. Even companies that are not at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, such as Venmo and SoFi, already offer cards with cryptocurrency rewards.


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