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AMP continues to grow as the market collapses

The token has grown over 17% over the past few hours

While the market for cryptocurrency records yet another collapse, burning tens of billions of dollars, there is a token that continues to spark. It is about AMP, which in the last 24 hours has registered an increase of more than 17%. Consolidating a trend which has seen it grow more than 63% during the past seven days.
Data that are attracting the attention of investors, looking for alternatives even in a negative moment like the present. And of the insiders, who in turn question themselves on the factors that are pushing the AMP project making it climb positions on positions in the ranking of CoinMarketCap relating to market capitalization. Where the token is currently al 28 th. With significant prospects for improvement in the coming weeks.

AMP - AMP continues to grow as the market collapses

Why does AMP continue to grow impetuously?

AMP is tearing up one high after another these days. A real race without brakes, which began immediately after its listing on Coinbase. As is known, the entry into the lists of the major ones exchange of cryptocurrencies alone is capable of causing significant upward movements. Which, however, are almost always followed by technical descents, due to the desire to collect on the part of traders.
In the case of AMP, this technical rebound has not occurred. A clear sign that those who have staked their money on the project have confidence in its constant growth. Also because the project has significant points of interest, destined to weigh on its future.

What is AMP? What is it for?

What is AMP and what is it for? Those who intend to invest their money in a cryptocurrency should always inquire about the characteristics of a project before doing so. In order to understand its actual usefulness. In the long run, in fact, the markets reward those that respond to a need and do not have purely speculative intentions.
From this point of view, AMP actually seems to have what it takes. The token, based on the standard of Ethereum, in fact, is proposed as collateral of Flexa, a payments network. Transactions that in this case are characterized not only by security levels, but also by three other increasingly decisive factors: they are in fact extremely fast, at very low cost and capable of not impacting the environment. Consider the controversy over the environmental harmfulness of the Bitcoin, the latter property is able to prove decisive for an ever wider acceptance of Flexia.

Flexia, the beating heart of the project

Just Flexia is considered the beating heart of the project. The payment system, offering a collateral such as AMP, is in fact able to guarantee extraordinary safety margins on both sides of the chain on which a transaction takes place. So much so that it has already attracted the attention of many important companies, with which it is entering into agreements relating to payments. Among which there has been much talk of that close with Citcoin which was also discussed in an article published in the NASDAQ internal journal.
Precisely this aspect is probably causing many investors to look with interest in the direction of AMP. Giving him considerable strength in an extremely negative moment for the entire sector. Enough to push more than one analyst to predict the explosion of its price over the next few weeks. Especially in the event that the situation returns to a certain normality, after having wiped out the purely speculative tokens.

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