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Andrew Yang intends to turn New York into a hub for Bitcoin

The well-known cryptofan is the favorite for the race for mayor of the Big Apple

In the race for the chair of mayor of New York, there is an old acquaintance of the crypto community. It is about Andrew Yang, who had stood out in the early stages of the Democratic Party primaries for the recent presidential elections which saw the affirmation of Joe Biden.
After abandoning the race to the White House, in February 2020, which was purely symbolic, however, Yang did not leave politics. IS now he returns to the Big Apple, with well-founded hopes of making it.

Andrew Yang - Andrew Yang intends to turn New York into a hub for Bitcoin

Who is Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is a Taiwanese-born lawyer, married and father of two. Reported to the guide of Venture for America, a non-profit organization that aims to help less well-off young people to study, has applied for the position of mayor of New York with a program that has its strong point inUniversal Basic Income, the universal basic income. Which, in his intentions, should be at least 2 thousand dollars.
To support him in his race will once again be there Yang Gang, a community of young people passionate about new technologies, who manage to get noticed on social networks for their extremely funny campaigns, based on memes. Who, in particular, appreciate Yang's passion for cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Yang is a well-known cryptofan

Yang's faith in digital assets was also revealed in his program for New York. Which means transform the city into a real hub for Bitcoin and Altcoin. Although it has not yet specified its program in this sense, it would in fact be a real change of course compared to what has happened so far. The city, in fact, has so far had a not exactly welcoming attitude towards financial innovation. Testified in particular by the framework BitLicense issued by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Which has practically pushed many cryptographic companies to move to more welcoming shores.

Not just cryptocurrencies

Andrew Yang's program, in addition to the emphasis on universal basic income, focuses on other proposals that seem very welcome to the electorate. Among which the legalization of marijuana, support for small businesses against the overwhelming power of large groups and the relaunch of cultural activities and nightlife.
Proposals that seem made on purpose to restore hope to a city that has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, more than 25 thousand victims of the coronavirus, a number such as to amply understand the real state of prostration in New York at the moment.

Yang is the favorite

The polls carried out give Andrew Yang Favourite in the race for the position of mayor. According to the same, its main challengers should be Maya Wiley, Eric Adams and Scott Stringer. Opponents in a competition that will surely give Bill De Blasio's successor, in that Republicans have no hope of being able to do it in a clearly progressive city that has already handed Biden an overwhelming majority in the presidential elections.
And Yang seems willing to lean on Biden, in an attempt to present himself with the reassuring face of a moderate who looks to the left, with great attention to civil rights, especially those of the LGBTQ + community.

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