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The launch of ETH / USTD contracts announced by Binance

Binance, as reported by its official website, soon announced the launch of new futures contracts ETH/USDT which will have a maximum leverage of 50x.

these Futures contracts are on ETH with USDT as collateral. In October, Binance had already launched a similar idea with BTC futures with USDT as collateral, but with a maximum leverage of 125x, today's announcement instead allows us to see how futures contracts are performing. expanding for platform customers. 

Thanks to the addition of new futures contracts, Binance is also guaranteeing a greater volume of exchanges. Indeed, with the launch of the first BTC / USDT future contracts there was an increase in daily trading volumes equal to 270.000 BTC, thanks to the maximum leverage among the main ones exchange di cryptocurrency for BTC futures.

This data reveals how the market for cryptocurrency derivatives is able to attract a greater number of people, especially as regards operators and professionals who work in the field of trading.

ETH / USDT derivatives already available on the Binance website

As for the new ones future contracts or ETH / USDT contracts, we talk about a lever that is adjustable from a minimum of 1x to a maximum of 50x. These can be exchanged already on the Binance website, but it should also arrive shortly on yours application for iOS and Android. 

The ETH / USDT and BTC / USDT futures they are a complementary product to the exchange pairs present on the exchange. Binance CEO also stated that: Binance Futures have proven to be among the most requested and desired products of the moment, as they allow operators to manage risk and hedge positions. Despite the high market volatility, the platform continues to remain stable. During the first months after its launch, Binance Futures surpassed its records in the trading volume sector and also witnessed the growth of operators in the sector. Binance Futures is a new product, as is that of the cryptocurrency derivatives. 

Finally, the director of Binance Aaron Gong stated that: one of the reasons that made Binance Futures successful is the incarnation of a philosophy, that is, that of The One Thing. In fact, in the launch of the first BTC contracts, the Binance technical team, he devoted 100% of his efforts to this new product to get it off the ground. Now in the same way we are presenting the pair of new ETH / USDT futures contracts, and we will work constantly to improve the trading experience and meet everyone's needs. 

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