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Bitcoin halving is approaching: what could happen?

One of the most anticipated events next year, in the sector of cryptocurrency, and the expected halving di Bitcoin. What is it about? In practice, the halving of the reward due to miners for adding blocks to the BTC chain. If at this time the resolution of a block involves a fee of 12,5 tokens, with the halving the quantity will be equal to 6. Considering the price of the most famous virtual currency, however, there are considerable figures.

When will the halving take place?

The x-hour forecasts are quite changeable, although in fact all forecasts converge on the middle of May of the next yearor. The most up-to-date ones indicate in particular the 14st May and once the halving has taken place the creation of new BTCs will be below the threshold of 2% per annum compared to the total of the tokens already created.
However, the data that most interests those who already hold Bitcoin or are willing to buy it, is that relating to what could happen to its listing. To understand this it is necessary to remember that on the two previous occasions, which occurred in the 2012 and four years later, the peak of the listing was not touched in the following weeks or months, but in the following year, or in the 2013 and in the 2017. Consequently many people think that this time the trend will be the same, too with the peak of the listing destined to occur in the 2021.


What interests investors even more, however, is the value that the peak could reach. On which the forecasts seem very divergent. Self Tom Lee in an interview granted to Chuck Jones and published in Forbes he goes on to prophesy the achievement of quota 91mila U.S. dollars, the analysts of PLANBE show themselves to be more cautious, indicating the 55mila U.S. dollars as a maximum. Others in turn indicate a range between the 100mila and the 150mila dollars, not to mention John McAfee, which goes so far as to predict even it breakthrough of 2 million dollar share. However, in the last case it is a sort of boutade, not based on a real analysis.

Other factors to consider

If the halving could have sensational effects on the BTC price, it should however be emphasized that other factors contribute to blowing on the sails of its listing. Starting from some geopolitical crises of no small importance, in particular the trade wars between the USA, China and EU, in addition to possible collapse of the European banking system, provided by some analysts. To push this outcome in particular the difficulties of the German institutes, especially that Deustche Bank indicated by many as a real atomic bomb ready to explode and bury many other actors due to the enormous amount of derivatives held. As evidence of what could happen, the suspect is mentioned sudden turn by Angela Merkel over the possibility of operations aimed at saving banks, a long opposed practice when it could interest, for example, the Italian banks. If the banking system really came to be found in a situation such as that which is rumored repeatedly, the listing of Bitcoin, now seen as a safe haven, could take advantage of it considerably.

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