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At CES 2020 in Las Vegas a blockchain to recycle plastic

las vegas CES 1 - At CES 2020 in Las Vegas a blockchain to recycle plastic

During one of the most important technological events of the year, the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, one was submitted new blockchain designed to improve the plastic recycling system.

The event that started a few days ago brought a lot of technological ideas, among which some designed for environmental protection.

Among these is the initiative created by circularise plastics, Covestro, Circularise and Domo, designed to be able to trace plastic waste more efficiently with the aid of a blockchain.

The presentation left several people admired for the project, so much so that the hashtag on Twitter #CES2020 and related inventions immediately became a trend.

And among the most acclaimed inventions is that of Circularise Plastics which will allow all producers of plastic objects to create a digital version of their materials in order to demonstrate their sustainability in the throughout the supply chain. 

This new solution dedicated to traceability of blockchain-based plastic items was carried out by the German manufacturer of polyamide dome, From Dutch Start Up Circularise and from German company Covestro. 

The initiative had already been presented in Germany in Düsseldorf during the month of October, but only thanks to the CES was it possible for the company to give worldwide echo to this new blockchain.

But why to use blockchain technology? The choice stems from the fact that the companies involved in the project wanted a system that could ensure data transparency of origin of the materials and their environmental impact.

Furthermore, according to the whitepaper distributed by the Circularise, the idea is enough on decentralized blockchains and is not tied to a specific blockchain, although in many respects we can say that it resembles the model released by Ethereum

Unlike other projects that often claim to be based on this technology, but then it is not really so, the one presented with the name by Circularise Plastics will be truly based on Blockchain, as they use an example register such as that of Ethereum, therefore decentralized and ideal for keeping track, in this case, of the plastic materials and their sustainability. 

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