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Baby Doge, one more meme coin in charge

The token is again in a phase of great growth

The challenge between coin meme seems destined to enrich itself with a new protagonist, Baby Doge. Yet another token inspired by purebred dogs Shiba Inu it is in fact growing again. Confirming an evident trend from the middle of December of the year just ended.
A growth so vigorous that it is viewed with considerable curiosity by investors and analysts. In the background naturally remains the usual question that characterizes trends of this kind: where can the token go, continuing at this pace?

Baby Doge - Baby Doge, still a meme coin to charge

The growth of Baby Doge takes place in contrast with the market

Even today Baby Doge continues its growth at a remarkable pace. A constant appreciation all the more remarkable in consideration of the bad moment the markets went through. Even today prey to substantial falls, after the news concerning the Fed's decision to raise interest rates over the next few months.
A trend from which, at least for the moment, Baby Doge seems unscathed. The umpteenth meme coin inspired by dogs, in fact, is still moving in positive territory even in these hours, so much so as to push us to think that many, in search of assets crypto alternative, have identified it as a real rescue anchor.

Baby Doge and Elon Musk

As we have already mentioned, Baby Doge is nothing more than yet another token inspired by Shiba Inu dogs. That is a theme that has been investing the crypto market with great force for some time now.  In fact, there are no longer projects born with the simple intent of exploiting the real phenomenon of costume triggered by Dogecoin.
While many of these new coins remain confined to anonymity, some manage to literally take off. Maybe taking advantage of the many misunderstandings that, from time to time, are triggered by now ritual tweets by Elon Musk. Or that they are deliberately pushed by the richest man in the world, as was the case in this case.

The tweet that triggered it all

The tweet that allowed Baby Doge to become a little celebrity dates back to the past July. In fact, on the first day of that month, Tesla's CEO and founder published a insane message on the token. If the intention was to test its hold on the cryptocurrency markets, the outcome was absolutely positive. In fact, in a few minutes the price of the token is doubled.
An outcome that has surprised practically no one and which, however, has aroused not a little perplexity in those who see in the pump and dump by Elon Musk a real danger to the crypto world. How to take seriously a sector in which the prize is not the technical characteristics of a project, but the whims of a bored billionaire or in the mood for jokes?

Baby Doge: what is it all about?

In light of what happened, it seems almost useless to remember that Baby Doge was born like improved version by Dogecoin. In fact, its development team has set out to create a revised version of the token invented by Billy Markus e Jackson palmer.
Launched in June last year, in fact, the meme coin has proven to be faster in the transaction phase. An aspect which, however, is destined not to weigh on its fortunes in the least. On the contrary, Elon Musk weighs on them like a stone guest. His tweet is enough to make the price take off. In the long run, though, the game could tire both the South African-born billionaire and investors.

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