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Baby Dogecoin: is the meme coin craze spreading?

A new project seeks to take advantage of Elon Musk's pump and dump

After Shiba Inu, now it's Baby's turn Dogecoin to try to intercept the current trend of meme coins. A fashion triggered by DOGE and from the continuous tweets of Elon Musk, who now promises to make new followers, with a series of tokens that aim to replicate, as far as possible, the great success smiled at the creation of Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. So let's take a closer look at the latest addition to this particular category. Which, on the other hand, is hardly destined to be such, considering the real craze that is taking hold.

Baby Dogecoin - Baby Dogecoin: is the meme coin craze spreading?

Baby Dogecoin: what is it all about?

Baby Dogecoin is one cryptocurrency that operates on the chain of Binance. The tokens were designed and marketed as a currency capable of fighting the hyper-deflationary spiral by leveraging a integrated intelligent staking system. In practice, new Baby Doges are added to the token holders' wallets every day. An income which derives from a 5% commission applied to each transaction that takes place in the Baby Dogecoin ecosystem.
One of the salient features on which the working group counts to achieve the hoped-for success is to be recognized in the fact that its block time is 5 seconds. An abyss compared to the 60 necessary for Dogecoin, such as to translate into considerably lower transaction times and costs.

Social networks are in a state of fibrillation again

As is well known, social media have played a very important role in the success of DOGE. In particular it was Elon Musk, with his continued pump and dump, to act as a relevant factor in the explosion of its quotation. He was then joined by many VIPs, giving life to what was renamed Doge Train. A real train which guaranteed the token born as a joke an extraordinary media visibility, becoming a real free advertising campaign.
Even for Baby Dogecoin, now, it seems the same thing is about to happen. In fact, just take a quick look on Twitter to see how there is already talk of a community ready to support it, as happened in the case of Dogecoin. Ultimately, this could represent a factor of considerable importance for the future destiny of the project. Together with possible involvement of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk and Baby Dogecoin

Tesla's father also spoke about Baby Dogecoin, in his own way. With a laconic comment, a “Nice”, which did not go unnoticed. This simple joke was enough to start a discussion about where the token could go. Yet another free advertising campaign by Tesla's CEO, who is notoriously a growth factor for the crypto he supports.
Among the data to keep in mind, before investing in this umpteenth meme coin, there is that relating to the fact that, at least for now, it is not listed on any exchange platform. To be able to purchase it, it is necessary to resort to Pancake swap. However, it should be emphasized that other projects that have been successful have already started in the same way. Like SHIB, but not only. However, it cannot be ruled out that some soon exchange decides to propose it within its own negotiations, as happened for Shiba Inu. In that case the foundations for its success would begin to become much more solid.

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