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Why do hackers ask for ransoms in cryptocurrencies?

hacking - Why do hackers ask for ransoms in cryptocurrencies?

Just take a quick look at the news related to cryptocurrency to run into the chronicles related to hacking, increasingly numerous.
As is known, hacking attacks on computer systems are more and more numerous and have continued to grow after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially to the detriment of healthcare facilities and institutions. One of the most sensational cases was the attempted access to the hospital network Spallanzani of Rome, one of the most active in law enforcement activities coronavirus.

Why do cybercriminals ask for ransoms in cryptocurrencies?

By now practically not a day goes by without the arrival of the news of a new one malware put into circulation by hackers. Usually these are programs that sneak into the device's operating system by encrypting its content. Once the operation is performed the cybercriminals they ask for a ransom, in cryptocurrencies. So much so that many people ask themselves: why not with other payment systems?
The answer is quite simple: cryptocurrencies are focused on significant levels of privacy, making it difficult to trace the perpetrator. An increasingly evident feature in projects like Monero, Dash e ZCashbut not only that, if you think about that too Ethereum it seems to be walking on this dangerously inclined terrain.

Watch out for Avaddon

The latest ransomware alarm concerns our country. Microsoft Security Intelligence in fact, it has put users on the alert about the presence of a new type of ransomware, called avaddon. The system designed in practice goes to use old Excel 4.0 macros with the specific intent of distributing harmful e-mails, which is entrusted with the task of conveying an attached file which, once opened, provides to launch an attack which encrypts all the files on your computer.
Appeared in June with the launch of a massive spam campaign, Avaddon it mainly targeted small and medium Italian companies. Who is asked for a ransom of 900 dollars in cryptocurrencies to get back their files.

Evil Corp

It went much worse, however, to those who had to deal with Evil Corp. In this case, in fact, the ransom requested even amounts to one million dollars.
The cyber security company revealed the threat Fox-IT, which in its report revealed the existence of other groups such as Evil Corp, dedicated to the creation of ransomware intended for database services, cloud environments and file servers.
The resulting attacks are intended to disable or stop infrastructure backup applications in the companies involved.
On June 28, the cyber security company Symantec in turn said that it had managed to stop a ransomware attack by Evil Corp which had as its target thirty companies in the United States who had to be asked for the payment of Bitcoin in order to return to normal activity.

About Evil Corp

Evil Corp is a group of hackers in business since 2007. After the arrest of Igor Turashev e Maksim Yakubets, two alleged members, the group had limited its business, which however has come back to hammering companies in recent months.
The only appreciable difference with other teams of this kind is that Evil Corp it does not threaten to disclose compromising information about the victims, with the obvious intent not to attract undue attention from investigators.

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