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Binance among the most used platforms for Bitcoin futures

One of the most used platforms for Bitcoin futures would be Binance, with 1,83 billion traded.

Bitcoin - Binance among the most used platforms for Bitcoin futures

Nowadays there are several platforms that allow you to trade futures contracts on Bitcoin. There are also several types of futures contracts, in fact, some have the underlying in BTC both with an underlying expressed in dollars. There are fixed-term or perpetual contracts, but mostly they can be comparable with each other open interest in dollars. But what are the most used platforms for Bitcoin futures? Let's see it together.

Binance among the most used platforms for Bitcoin futures

According to the analyzes in first place for the Bitcoin futures is Binance with 1,83 billion on the platform. In second place is Okex with 1,82 billion dollars, while in third place is the CME platform with 1,71 billion dollars.

These platforms have been competing for this record for some time. On their own, in fact, they have an aggregate open interest rate of 51%. Binance and Okex they are two exchange di cryptocurrency, of Asian origin, but operating all over the world. This platform has been offering these contracts for some time, unlike Binance which has started offer these only for a few months. 

In both cases, however, i futures contracts they have an underlying of both perpetual and maturity BTC. CME, on the other hand, is the Chicago stock exchange, which provides for futures contracts at maturity, with contracts regulated with an underlying in dollars.

Binance and Okex they are specifically aimed at retail investors operating in the cryptocurrency market. CME, on the other hand, is aimed at traditional investors, including institutional ones. To tell the truth, even on the New York stock exchange (the NYSE) it is possible to exchange futures contracts on Bitcoin, or those offered by Bakkt at maturity but settled in BTC. However, the trading volume never reached CME levels.

Most Bitcoin futures contracts are present on cryptocurrency platforms. Traditional exchanges cannot make their way into this market, the only exception being the CME. In any case, in 2020 interest has seen a huge increase, so it is possible to imagine that other similar futures will also be put on the market in the future.

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