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Binance: Bank transfer is now possible

If there was something missing Binance, was the possibility of depositing funds in Fiat by bank transfer.

Purchase cryptocurrencies with Binance

Credit card

As we know, for some months it has been possible to buy cryptocurrencies by paying directly with your credit card, of course, the commissions seem a bit high to me but it was an important evolution, immediately followed by the platform Exchange  Kucoin.

Before this advent to exchange cryptocurrencies we had to buy by bank transfer or credit card on other exchanges and then deposit Eth or BTC on Binance and proceed with the exchange. This process took a lot of money away from you, by buying directly with a credit card we solved this big problem.

Bank transfer to Binance

buy by bank transfer binance - Binance: Bank transfer is now possible

The evolution that was missing was precisely the bank transfer, which almost eliminates the high commission costs for processing the credit card.

It is also very useful for investors who need to move large amounts of money at a reasonable cost.

By choosing this payment method you will need to confirm your home address to verify the country.

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