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Binance opens up to crypto trading with the launch of options on BTC

The well-known international exchange Binance has decided to broaden its catalog with new trading offers and the launch of options on Bitcoin

BTC trading Binance - Binance opens up to crypto trading with the launch of options on BTC

One of the main ones exchange operating worldwide, Binance, has decided to expand the catalog of dedicated offers to the trading of cryptocurrency, launching in European style the launch of options on Bitcoin. According to an announcement made on December 28, the launch follows several very successful tests that were carried out in November. The press release revealed how the new contacts will be settled and listed on Tether in USDT.

Binance claimed that the new product launch it must be sought in the increased interest of the market and investors on Bitcoin options. At the beginning of December, open options on Bitcoin for the first time exceeded a value of one billion dollars, with a total interest that led to the achievement of a threshold of 6 billion dollars.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, wanted to emphasize how the BTC recently reached a value of 28 thousand dollars, an increase in value that shows how investments in the cryptocurrency sector are increasing more and more.

According to Zhao growth in the cryptocurrency sector is attributable to a combination of various factors, including a broader knowledge by retail and institutional investors, to the innovation of protocols Challenge and Smart Contracts, lo development of the derivatives market. 

Already starting both Binance and other exchanges since April they had decided to launch trading on Bitcoin options, modeled however with American standards. Now the platform has decided to opt for the European format, which allows traders to exercise the option at when the contract expires. 

The Bitcoin options that were offered by Binance with the American model they had been highly criticized, as they were more expensive than those of the competition. Now therefore, it is believed that this new trading system can improve user response. In any case, starting from December, it must be considered that Binance has integrated security support SegWit for Bitcoin deposits. 

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