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Bitcoin, a Caracas airport is preparing to accept it in payments

It is one of the most important airports in Venezuela

Simón Bolívar International Airport may soon be accepting payments in Bitcoin for tickets and a number of other services provided within it. Also known as Maiquetia, the airport is located in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, and is one of the most important airports in the country.
The news was launched by the regional news agency The century, which reported the words of Freddy borges, the director of the facility. Who stated that in addition to BTC the airport could accept other digital currencies, including Dash e Petro, or the national cryptocurrency linked to oil. According to Borges, the adoption of crypto payments would allow the Caracas airport to achieve important international standards and connect to the financial innovation in progress.

bitcoin - Bitcoin, a Caracas airport is preparing to accept it in payments

Meanwhile, work continues on the digital bolivar

The news relating to Simòn Bolivar International Airport comes at a rather particular moment for Venezuela. During which the works aimed at the launch of the digital bolivar. Which would still be something quite distinct from Petro which, unlike traditional CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) is not anchored to a fiat currency, but to the oil reserves existing in the country.
One more move in the direction of one digitalization of the economy that in the intentions of Nicholas Maduro should help the country to get out of the considerable difficulties created by the US blockade. Which, however, seems to be starting to work much less, at least according to the latest news regarding the Venezuelan economy.

The Credit Suisse report on Venezuela

According to a Credit Suisse report, Venezuela's economy is expected to grow in the order of 5,5% over the course of 2021. A result made possible by the help provided by China and from the other countries that have decided not to bow to Washington's diktat, in particular by purchasing Caracas oil. Thus allowing the country to breathe, after years of difficulty exacerbated by the spread of Covid along the national territory. And which should lay the foundations for a further recovery over the next year. Which could also prove decisive for the conversion of the economy towards an increasingly pronounced digitization. Which, moreover, had been indicated by Maduro as one forced move. Not only to escape the Washington embargo, but also to lay the foundations for lasting growth.

Bitcoin increasingly used in airports

Over the last few years, the an increasingly intense combination that has been forming between companies operating in the civil aviation sector and monetary innovation. In fact, there are several airports and airlines that all over the world have begun to explore the potential of payments via digital money.
In particular by studying the best way to introduce payments crypto and features based on blockchain, in such a way as to be able to guarantee further options for payments and improve customer verification services, as well as those for tests related to Covid-19.
In March, in particular, airBaltic, the national carrier of Estonia, has decided to accept Dogecoin e Ethereum in payments relating to the purchase of tickets. A possibility that, moreover, the company had provided to its customers since 2014. And which could soon also be guaranteed by other airlines to customers more inclined to technological innovation.

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