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Bitcoin, an "interesting" investment in a context of negative rates

Bitcoin and the US stock market recovered from the March lows, despite a situation in which the real economy is certainly not in an excellent state of health. In short, a strong gap has emerged between the economy and the capital market, which could also worsen in the near future, when the effects of the pandemic will continue to be felt with incisiveness.

But how will Bitcoin behave in this scenario?

According to some analysts, a "helping hand" to BTC will come from the US Democrats. As the Newsbtc website recalled, in fact, last Tuesday a proposal was unveiled for the preparation of stimulus measures worth $ 6.000 per family to help the economy deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, which led to the unemployment of more than 30 million Americans unemployed due to isolation restrictions.

This new stimulus proposal is an integral part of a 3.000 billion dollar relief package proposed by Democrats and - according to some investors - would be able to increase the intrinsic value of Bitcoin and others cryptocurrency decentralized.

Investor Paul Tudor Jones says, for example, that everything seems to be able to favor BTC, while Nexo startup CEO Antoni Trenchev, in a recent interview, added that he expects Bitcoin will recover by over 400% by the end of 2020 to $ 50.000.

In support of this evaluation, Trenchev mentioned howhalving has reduced the supply of BTC in a context in which central banks and governments are instead moving in the opposite direction.

So also Dan Tapiero, CEO of DTAP Capital, thinks that he remembered how in a world where central banks experience negative rates, Bitcoin and gold are two extremely attractive investments. Negative rates will coincide with inflation of the money supply and force investors to seek out assets that yield more than cash.

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