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Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Vienna Stock Exchange opens to their trading

It is the third financial center to do so

Digital assets are enjoying growing interest from institutional investors and retail clients. An interest deriving from the particular moment experienced by the markets, due to the rage of Covid-19, but also for the validity that is recognized in these tools.
Interest that concerns in particular the cryptocurrency most important, starting with Bitcoin e Ethereum. As the decision taken by the Vienna Stock Exchange, which has decided to open its trading to these two virtual currencies.

bitcoin tax - Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Vienna Stock Exchange opens to their trading

The Vienna Stock Exchange is the third place to open to cryptocurrencies

Austria's largest financial center is third globally, to make a decision in favor of cryptocurrencies. Before her the target market had made the same decision XETRA from Deutsche Boerse, which hosts over 90% of German equity trading and around 30% of European ETF exchanges, and the Singapore Exchange.
In the case of the Asian exchange, the indices do not allow users to trade virtual money, but the price feeds can be leveraged by other local companies willing to launch BTC-based products or ETH in order to track asset price fluctuations in real time from a reliable source.

Thomas Rainer's comment

A decision of no small importance, the one taken by the Vienna Stock Exchange, considering its consequences. It was to comment on it Thomas Rainer, head of development of Wiener Börse. He particularly highlighted how digital asset traders thus have the ability to rely on monitored, regulated and transparent exchanges, as well as on real-time information. An extremely safe environment in which to carry out one's operations.

Bitcoin ETPs are now available for the entire DACH group

The other implication of the decision of the largest Austrian financial center is the full availability of Bitcoin ETPs in the entire DACH area. That is the one formed by Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
This was highlighted by the CEO of 21Shares, Hany Rashwan. according to which no other jurisdiction globally is able to provide such broad and complete access to Bitcoin.

The attention of traditional finance towards cryptocurrencies is growing

The decision taken by the financial centers in question can be considered a real acknowledgment. Concerning an increasingly visible and important phenomenon such as virtual coins. Which are now seen by investment funds and investment banks as a new promising market not to be underestimated.
In this sense, the case of Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation and the seventh highest performing hedge fund manager in the world. Who explained his investments in Bitcoin as a response to the economic stimuli put in place by the administration Trump to try to counter the dramatic fall of the economy. These stimuli, however, could give rise to a very strong growth in inflation.
A phenomenon which was already in place before the pandemic of coronavirus, but which has benefited further precisely from the new needs it has triggered. So much so as to push governments to consider the idea of ​​exploiting them to feed an economy in great difficulty.

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