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Bitcoin best investment 2020 according to Luno

According to Luno, the best investment of 2020 is represented by Bitcoin. This is the result of the comparison and performance of Bitcoin.

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Il Bitcoin is the best investment of 2020. This is what Luno claims. Comparing the performance of Bitcoin with that of other assets in the Fintech sector, it emerges that from the beginning of the year until today, this is the cryptocurrency that has made it possible to record the best performances.

Specifically, Luno reported the earnings data of the main giants in the Fintech sector that are listed on the stock exchange. Specifically by evaluating their movements and their growth starting from January 1, 2020, Bitcoin has an increase of 87%, Amazon with a rise of $ 74, Apple a growth of 57%, Facebook has a + 36%, Google rose by 18%, ranking in last place. 

Luno's CEO explained: All assets were affected by the negative market during the Covid-19 period. But Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the strongest, as it managed to recover and improve its position in a short time. 

Bitcoin succeeded in exceed the share price of one of the largest companies on the planet including Google and Facebook, as well as traditional go-to options, including gold. Bitcoin is in good shape and serves to make cryptocurrency a much more attractive asset for investors.

Bitcoin is one of the best investments, but what influenced the rise of BTC? These data require specific considerations. First of all, Bitcoin, like the whole financial market, initially suffered from the panic from Covid-19. So much so that in the days between. 12 and 13 March, when the global pandemic began, the value fell below 4 thousand dollars, thus losing 20% ​​of the value in an hour and collapsing from the top of February.

Then Bitcoin began a very slow rise which was mainly driven by the enthusiasm of a halving of 11 May. Halving made Bitcoin this way a very valuable asset, as well as scarcer, thus making production less profitable. The deflationary nature, however, has raised investors' interest in those who fear the consequences of the liquidity injected by the Fed which has 3 trillion dollars on the market. 

This has allowed the price of Bitcoin to soar, along with adoption by large institutional investors. Among the various assets named, none managed to do better than Bitcoin which today reached a value equal to 13 million dollars. 

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