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Bitcoin, Bloomberg acts as a counterpart to Goldman Sachs

bitcoin fisco - Bitcoin, Bloomberg acts as a counterpart to Goldman Sachs

Se Goldman Sachs very harshly criticized the Bitcoin, on the other side of the fence seems to be proposing itself in recent times Bloomberg, who more than once expressed his support for the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto and the sector of cryptocurrency.
A support reiterated with great force in the last hours by analysts of Bloomberg Crypto Outlook. Let's see how.

According to Bloomberg Crypto Outlook BTC is heading towards its historic peak

According to Bloomberg Crypto Outlook analysts in the course of 2020, Bitcoin will reach its new historical peak. The opinion was expressed in the June report, where it can be read that the price of BTC during the year could not only exceed the absolute maximum recorded in December 2017, but also rise up to reach $ 28 thousand.
To better understand what BCO said, it is necessary at this point to remember that the historical peak of Bitcoin then slightly exceeded the 20mila U.S. dollars, then remaining above 18 thousand for just five days.

To push BTC would still be the Covid-19

What is the reason given by Bloomberg Crypto Outlook analysts to express this judgment? According to them, to blow impetuously on the sails of Bitcoin would be precisely the situation generated by the spread of Covid-19. A situation which, if now it starts to find a greater contrast from the health facilities, could be repeated with great force during the cold months giving rise to a second wave. In the face of which it remains to understand the reaction capacity of the strongest economies.
As for the evolution of the price during the year, according to BCO analysts only a few big surprises could prevent its growth. In case the price fluctuates as done recently, the peak of 2020 could be around double that of last year, which was $ 14.

Bloomberg is proposed as a counterpart to Goldman Sachs

In this sentence, Bloomberg does not hide his support for Bitcoin. In doing so, it is proposed as a counterpart to Goldman Sachs, the US investment bank which in recent days has attracted a chorus of harsh criticism after some ungenerous judgments formulated against Bitcoin (and digital coins in general). Asserting in particular that it would not constitute an asset class, it would also offer very little in terms of investment.
The judgment, expressed during a meeting with investors, raised one reaction outraged by many. Not only by the cryptographic community, as it was logical to expect, but also by the traditional banking world.
From Swissquote, the Swiss banking institution which entrusted its response to Chris Thomas, head of digital resources, who had given rise to significant broadsides against the investment bank. Recalling how it is not the first time that totally wrong judgments come from inside. Recently witnessed by what has been said about the Petroleum, for which Goldman Sachs analysts had indicated an average price of 63 dollars during 2020. A forecast derisive from reality, considering how the price of the barrel ended up below zero in April.

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