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Bitcoin Cash is also on its way to halving


Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin Cash is also heading towards its halving There is much anticipation for the now coming halving of Bitcoin. This expectation derives in particular from the expectation of a possible subsequent explosion of the price of the most iconic cryptocurrency ever. It should be stressed, however, that a another halving of the inflation code, which is currently very little talked about, but also highly anticipated by its community.
It is of 'halving di Bitcoin Cash, the virtual currency born from the fork that took place within the BTC community during 2017. The date indicated by many is the 7th April and also in this case there is an expectation in which great hopes and many fears go to mix.

Bitcoin Cash halving

Whereas Bitcoin Cash shared the history of the most illustrious crop currency until the moment of the fork, also in this case the halving will correspond to a halving the miners' rewards for each resolved block. That from 12,5 will drop to 6,25 tokens every 10 minutes, for the period that separates us from 2024 (halving occurs every 4 years).
The question asked by many, also in this case is the following: what could happen for the price of BCH after the event? At the moment it is not an easy question to answer.

The possible consequences of BCH halving

According to many proponents, the Bitcoin Cash halving will basically have it same behavior of what will affect BTC, for which practically all analysts point to a significant increase, even if in the medium term, or in a few months. This is moreover what happened on previous occasions when the rewards have halved.
However, there are not a few who fear they may occur problemi di sicurezza. Which could be reflected on Bitcoin listing Cash, even if not in the very short term.
The position taken by Roger Ver about. In fact, it was he who claimed to do not expect anything particular from this halving. A position deriving from his previous experience with the two who have already interested Bitcoin.

The possible dangers for Bitcoin Cash

In reality, however, something could happen, disproving the claims of Roger Ver. Up to now, in fact, BCH has been supported by miners not only for its characteristics in terms of functionality and safety, but above all as it arouses interest in terms of economic return. By lowering this convenience, a part of the miners could opt for BTC, whose halving will take place in May.
If there have never been any attacks at the moment, the reason is that both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision they are considered a defense against the scaling model prefigured by the BTC developers. With the next halving it remains to be seen whether the orientation will remain the same.
Where this were not a 51% attack would become much easier and it could blow up the concept of decentralized networking, with all that would ensue. Starting from the possibility of giving life to the practice of double spending, or the use of the same token for multiple transactions. A practice which would have the almost certain effect of marking the end of the BCH experience, going to erode credibility.

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