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Bitcoin Cash hashrate collapses following halving

Bitcoin Cash - Bitcoin Cash hashrate collapses following halving

THEhalving of Bitcoin Cash, which preceded BTC's most anticipated month by a month, only needed one day to produce the first results. Which I am very negative, if you think that the token hashrate has practically collapsed. A drop so pronounced that it significantly increased the block generation time.
An event that has pretty much wiped out Roger Ver's prediction, who said he did not expect anything particularly striking from the halving of the rewards due to the miners of BCH. It seems that it is not so, at least at the moment.

The information is very discordant

The information that is circulating in these hours is extremely discordant. However, a contribution in this sense by BitMEX, according to which the time required to generate the block number 630.001, the first after thehalving, it would have been two hours. To better understand the matter, just remember that previously it took just ten minutes for the same operation.
However, it should be stressed that in the following hours the situation returned to almost normal, with times that stood between ten and twenty minutes.

Bitcoin Cash, what will happen now?

In the same hours, however, the progressive detachment of many subjects from the mining di Bitcoin Cash, with the obvious intention of dedicating themselves to digital currencies deemed more profitable.
However, there is a real hard core of BCH supporters who has already shown in the past that they have no intention of abandoning the business.
A fideistic attitude that has pushed a part of criptofans to define this fringe of irreducible as cryptosocialists. To which are added those which in turn have been defined irrational miners. They are therefore asked to defend what is being configured as an extremely problematic trench.

Forecasts, confirmed that of BitMEX

In terms of forecasts, if the one formulated by Roger Ver is denied, however, that has largely been confirmed formulated by BitMEX.
THEexchangein fact, in a study published a few hours after halving, had indicated between 30 and 35% the drop in BCH hashrate. A prediction that has been substantially confirmed for now, precisely because of the defection of many miners, that is, those who do not look to the ideological side, but to pure profit.

The key factor is the price of Bitcoin Cash

However, it should be remembered that it may be one first reaction fruit of excessive rationality. In fact, it is not certain that some of those who have landed do not decide to return to the ship. Much will depend on the evolution of the Bitcoin price Cash, which in the hours following the halving of the rewards traveled around $ 257, with a drop of just under 4%.
If the quotation were to grow again, making the extraction of the blocks more profitable than it appears today, not a few could retrace their steps.
All that remains is to wait with some curiosity for the events of the next few days, that they may hold more than one surprise. In what sense, however, it is not known.

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