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Bitcoin Depot launches 115 new ATMs in the United States

The number of devices globally has exceeded 17 thousand

Bitcoin Deposit, a company operating in the sector of TMJ of cryptocurrency, announced the llaunch of 115 new devices across the United States. Which will therefore double the current budget of the Atlanta company. Confirming the role of the United States in this particular market segment which, on the contrary, is practically at a standstill in the European Union. The new Bitcoin ATBs will be divided as follows: 14 new kiosks in Alabama, 13 in Minnesota, 12 in Florida and the last 12 located throughout California.

bitcoin atm - Bitcoin Depot launches 115 new ATMs in the United States

Brandon Mintz's comment

To comment on the news was Brandon Mintz, president and CEO of Bitcoin Depot, who said that digital money can offer many opportunities for people who do not have access to traditional financial services, starting with banking. Bitcoin Depot's kiosks allow them to do banking transactions through their phone's digital wallet by turning their cash into cryptocurrency, which can be used to transfer money, pay bills or invest. Thus obviating a phenomenon, thefinancial exclusion, which affects billions of people all over the globe. By preventing them from managing their assets better and participating more actively in the economy.

Digital money continues to grow in contemporary society

Bitcoin Depot expects 200% growth in managed devices over the course of 2021. So much so that it has already started the launch of another 100 ATMs crypto in 24 states of the Union.
A goal which seems within reach, in consideration of the growing influence of digital money, and of Bitcoin in particular, in everyday life. As shown by the data released by, which establishes in 17.003 the number of cryptocurrency ATMs operating in 68 countries around the world.
Among the companies that are benefiting from this trend, it is particularly noteworthy Bitcoin Libertyx, an operator who has added a withdrawal option to its 5 BTC ATMs. Thanks to it, the number of Bitcoin ATMs which allow users to cash out their tokens has practically tripled.

Is North America heading towards mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?

The data relating to the growth of cryptocurrency ATMs in the United States (and in Canada, another country where the trend is now consolidated), make the North American continent the real spearhead of an increasingly visible phenomenon. So much so as to push some analysts to add the data in question to those relating to the growth of the cryptographic space in America Latina to say that the mass adoption of digital money is getting closer and closer.
Of course, some problems remain to be resolved which could complicate the situation. Starting fromopen hostility with which some sectors of politics look to digital assets, particularly in the United States and the European Union.
To which are added a part of the traditional financial world and some prominent personalities. For example Bill Gates, who just recently affirmed the environmental danger of Bitcoin. Driven to do so by the energy consumption data linked to the mining. Which, however, have been denied, or rather contextualized, by a report published by ARK Investment Management. According to which the activity necessary for the Bitcoin network would consume just a tenth of what is instead necessary for the functioning of the traditional banking system.

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