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Bitcoin, would Holland be reflecting on its ban?

A purpose that can be deduced from the statements of Pieter Hasekamp

The Dutch government and monetary authorities should seriously consider the possibility of a ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally. At least that's the opinion of Pieter Hasekamp, which is the number one of the central planning office of the CPB, the Dutch office delegated to conduct studies and analyzes on behalf of the government. An opinion that has been made public in an essay and which should certainly sound the alarm bell in companies in the sector, given the level of the character.

satoshi bitcoin - Bitcoin, would Holland be reflecting on its ban?

Instability and illegality at the basis of Hasekamp's judgment

According to Hasekamp, ​​the reason he recommends considering banning cryptocurrencies is to be found in their instability and in the fact that they lend themselves perfectly to a intensive use by criminal gangs.
In fact, these are considerations which have been around for some time. And that, in particular those of a legal nature, have been refuted by studies which have not had great difficulty in demonstrating how the reality is very different. Despite this, the very fact that more and more governments are critical of Bitcoin and Altcoin does not fail to cause considerable concern in the crypto space. Even if there are not a few countries that seem instead determined to take the opposite direction.

El Salvador has just declared the legal value of BTC

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about what is happening in El Salvador. Where requested by the President Nayib Bukele, Bitcoin has been declared legal tender. Equivalent in practice to the US dollar, it must be accepted in any payment transaction that takes place within the national territory.
The same country has also declared its intention not to tax transactions of this kind. A decision that was greeted warmly by Justin Sun, the founder of Tron. Who stated his intention to establish his company's offices in El Salvador. At the same time provoking the interest of the International Monetary Fund. According to which the decision in question poses many problems, which should be examined in detail, to understand what could happen. Precisely in light of the fact that BTC would be considered as a currency in one country and outlawed in others.

In the United States, the annoyance of the policy towards digital money is mounting

Even in the United States, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been discussed a lot, for some time. A discussion that began at the time Facebook made clear its intention to give life to a cryptocurrency, Pound, later renamed diem. An intent that from the beginning aroused the furious reaction of politics. In particular of Maxine Waters, chairman of the Financial Services Commission of the US Congress. Which prompted Facebook to downsize the initial plans, in order to carry out the project.
The war drums, however, have returned to beating in recent months. When first the new Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, then the senator Elizabeth Warren and therefore the former president Donald Bush they did not hesitate to declare their opposition to digital assets. All while legal action against companies intensifies crypto along the federal territory. It remains only to understand whether peace or war is destined to break out between two worlds at this moment so distant.

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