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Bitcoin loses 2,20% and altcoins follow it

Today we are witnessing a major bearish trend, after a few days of seeing an upside, we now find ourselves a 2,20% downside in just one day.

Let's see the graph of Bitcoin on the weekly and its loss

bitcoin drop - Bitcoin loses 2,20% and altcoins follow it

The downside is important, of course, 2% is not great news, we are used to much worse events, the problem concerns the other coins that follow him in the wheel, indeed, they show a decided worsening exponential.

Causes of the decline in Bitcoin

Currently there are no important causes, many hypothesize only the summer / holiday effect that sells bitcoin to go on vacation (who is in gain of course).

All are oriented towards the end of the year, where the coincidence of the post halving and this bending would result in the perfect cause for the bull run.

Alt Coins follow the loss of bitcoin exponentially

altcoin - Bitcoin loses 2,20% and altcoins follow it

Unfortunately we are faced with important drops, such as Vechain, NEMQuant and however it seems that the drop is a bit of all the coins.

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