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Bitcoin: only 7% of Americans bought them

Bitcoins have only been bought by 7% of Americans. This is what research on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies revealed.

Bitcoin market - Bitcoin: only 7% of Americans bought them

The new data that was provided by Statista revealed that only 7% of Americans have bought e employee i Bitcoin in the past. The research denotes how current BTC investors are still in an early stage of growth. Also the founder of 10T Holdings he said that Bitcoin is in a nascent phase as regards an asset class, stating: We are still facing the birth of a new global asset.

Bitcoin over the long term it has the potential for growth to the extent that it can evolve into a store of value like gold. For this reason, investors expect the valuation to rise exponentially over the next 10 years.

Right now, much of the demand for BTC is coming from the investors they see crypto-assets such as gold 2.0. In fact, many think that Bitcoins will consolidate as a safe haven asset. That's why, over the past few months, institutional investors have invested more and more in Bitcoin. 

If the retail demand in the field of Bitcoin increases in parallel by the main reasons, it could push BTC to ever faster growth, exponential.

According to Statista data, Bitcoin users account for around 10% of the population taking six countries into consideration. However, the survey showed that not all countries of the world are included, which is why it would not represent the world situation at its best.

This is mostly a survey of specific countries, but there are no countries that should appear on the list. Over the past few years, the Bitcoin infrastructure however, it has improved and advanced in the US, Europe and Asia. Today there are many countries that do not yet have a reliable enough infrastructure.

For example, Canada does not have a exchange local digital currencies that are regulated that users can rely on, a the Coinbase platform starts. When the infrastructure of the exchanges is presented in an integral way, this will allow in a simpler way investors to enter the market. 

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