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Bitcoin Pizza Day, what happened 10 years after those "pizzas"?

Ten years ago, just yesterday, a programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10.000 Bitcoin for two pizzas, in a cryptocurrency exchange held publicly on the Bitcoin Talk forum.

At the time, the transaction was largely derided, with an irony that evidently had the pizzeria as its goal: who would ever want worthless coins for two steaming hot pizzas worth a few tens of dollars?

Well, we know what happened then. Those 10.000 Bitcoins have turned into real luck. And more importantly, that "harmless" transaction was the first Bitcoin transaction to have had a real counterpart.

Since then, May 22 has been considered the "Bitcoin Pizza Day", Which cryptocurrency investors celebrate every year by buying pizza - if possible with the cryptocurrency.

How much would that $ 10.000 be worth?

Of course, the importance of that transaction today certainly leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the programmer who, if he had kept that amount of cryptocurrency in his portfolio, would have just under 100 million dollars.

Many evidently made fun of all this, and the wealth that Laszlo could have earned if he had kept his own wallet those BTC. However, there are also other reflections that might be worth making about that operation.

For example, as News BTC recalled, Nic Carter - partner of Castle Island Ventures and co-founder of Coin Metrics - explained in a recent tweet that in reality there is a possibility that Laszlo has decided to spend his BTC fortune on a sense of guilt. But guilt over what?

Essentially, for using its GPU to mine Bitcoin in the first case of mining non-CPU BTC, which was widely looked down upon by Satoshi Nakamoto in an exchange of private emails eventually shared by Laszlo. Carter wrote that, while making conjectures, it is quite possible that Laszlo, tormented by guilt, decided to sell some of his BTC extracted with the GPU by making a series of "food" transactions, based on pizza.

Colin Harper then reported that in 2019, when he spoke to Laszlo, he was told by the programmer that he had indeed felt a sense of guilt, which appeared at the time when the topic of GPU mining was raised by Satoshi Nakamoto himself. “That was when I thought, 'Dude, I feel like you f *** in your project. I'm sorry, man. He was worried that some people might be put off because they can't mine a block with a CPU, ”he said.

Laszlo also added that he saw the transaction as a victory for Bitcoin, not a loss for himself, further corroborating the narrative that the 10.000 Bitcoin transaction was far from a mistake ...

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