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Bitcoin, what has happened in the last few days, in addition to halving?

bitcoin token - Bitcoin, what happened in the last few days, besides the halving?

THEhalving of Bitcoin he naturally monopolized the discussion on cryptocurrency in recent times. First the frantic wait for the achievement of block number 630 thousand, then the attempt to understand what could happen now, have practically pushed public opinion to focus, in one way or another, on halving the rewards due to miners.
Bitcoin, however, is not alone halving, rather, other events of a certain importance occurred in the same period, some of them resulting directly from it, which should be analyzed more carefully. Let's go see which ones.

Does the financial world open to BTC?

The first factor to consider is the one related to finance. Over the past few days there have been rumors that banking institutions would like JP Morgan Chase o Goldman Sachs very interested in BTC trading. But not to their direct purchase, but to the opportunities that it could offer to its customers. In particular, the second institution has been indicating a great alternative asset. A judgment that seems destined to strengthen in this phase characterized by the coronavirus which is forcing governments and central banks to flood the real economy with liquidity.
On the other hand, there are no entries relating to Paul Tudor Jones. The founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, one of the best performing hedge funds globally, has in fact claimed to bet strongly on Bitcoin.
An orientation which does not arouse excessive surprise, precisely in consideration of the real earthquake caused by the pandemic in progress on economic balances. Those who are looking for assets able to give a minimum of peace of mind and at the same time allow you to dream of adequate returns, can only be interested in a BTC now indicated as digital gold.

The state of mining

Another element of discussion in recent days has been the mining. News from the last few hours, in particular, aroused considerable sensation, that relating to the fact that, in the structure of the rewards now due to the miners, the commission weight.
Second Mario Gibney, Blockstream Customer Support Lead, the miners' premium would now be at 7,16 Bitcoin, of which 0,91 in the form of commissions, i.e. the 12,7%. A level never reached before and which could become more and more important for the post halving sector.

Mining after halving

Just mining, in the post halving, finds himself dealing with the situation triggered by the halving of rewards. Which pushes everyone to do their calculations well, to understand if it is appropriate to continue the calculation activity dedicating it to BTC, or tack on Altcoins, at least those that show the best earning potential.
A choice, the second, already made by Valarhash Cabins, which held a significant share of hash rates until a few weeks ago and has now opted for other avenues. Replaced apparently by Lubian, a new company that emerged in the hours following the halving, when the news spread that more than 5% of the hash rate was attributable to it.
Already these movements, to which others will probably be added in the coming days, make us understand how the situation in the field of mining is extremely jagged and very exposed to changes.

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