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Bitfinex: announces the launch of Pulse a social network for traders

Bitfinex - Bitfinex: announces the launch of Pulse a social network for traders

Bitfinex has decided to announce the launch of Pulse, a new platform that allows users to exchange ideas and interact with each other, in order to grasp the growing sentiment that is felt in the community of online traders.

Knowing this information can be very useful, and the exchange of information and ideas is always part of an integral trading activity. For this reason a social network Bitfinex Pulse is born tailor - made for traders and in particular being able to meet the needs of those who operate in a market dedicated to cryptocurrency.

This solution offers the growing community of users ofexchange the opportunity to exploit the information that is then acquired to be able to obtain advantages in exchange activities. The new social network allows the exchange's customers to interact with each other, and allows users to check whether to publish own pulses in a public or private way. 

However, all customers will be able to publish private pulses. Each user will be able to choose a nickname with which you have to share your pulses, you can then appreciate the pulses of other users and they can be shared online on Facebook or Twitter.

Paolo Ardoina, CTO of Bitfinex stated that: as the community of traders continues to grow, Bitfinex Pulse will become a valuable source of information for all traders, as well as being an intuitive and fun way for traders to interact with each other. We have therefore launched Bitfinex Pulse, in response to the request of the users of a platform distribution and professional content for all traders. This is based on the success of a public ranking, which it will primarily promote the spirit of community and friendship. 

In recent times, the exchange has been carrying out various projects and also various initiatives to expand the number of customers. Surely that of the social network is one of the most interesting to be able to gather a group of traders around to the echange a community of interested traders. 

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