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Bitfinex starts a new collaboration to assist its users in evaluating digital assets

Bitfinex has decided to forge a new collaboration with the Santiment company which mainly deals with analysis of digital asset metrics. 

The choice to start this collaboration will bring several benefits to Bitfinex users, in fact, for 30 days everyone will be able to access a trial period and use this new tool for market analysis of digital assets in order to identify new opportunities and opportunities in the sector.

The 30-day period will allow Bitfinex users to access the data that are on chain collected by Santiment concerning the development of some of the main cryptocurrency namely: Bitcoin, EOS, Litcoin, Ethereum, Tron. Analyzes of the main ERC20 tokens will also be included.

Thanks to this tool, investors will have the opportunity to evaluate more accurately which are the entry points that are shown favorable to a specific cryptocurrency, but also check the state of health and decide accordingly whether or not to invest in a certain asset of interest.

Users will therefore be able to access for free (for 30 days) to the Santiment platform and from there you can check general information, market capitalization, total supply chain, check historical data, verify financial information and see also the balance sheets of the various deposits on wallet and funds.

To complete the analysis, there are also social parameters, the volume of traffic that generates a specific word associated with the world of cryptocurrencies, the growth of the network and finally the number of transactions that takes place on chain.

According to what Paolo Ardoino said, the Bitfinex CTO, with this service, users will be able to better check the conditions of a given asset before investing. Santiment, therefore, is a solution that offers the possibility of accessing all information on cryptocurrencies and which at the same time allows customers to understand how and with which cryptocurrencies improve your trading plan.

The founder of Santiment, he wanted to underline that he is very happy to have released this trial version dedicated to Bitfinex users, given that the company is increasing its user base more and more.

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