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Bitpanda raises 263 million in loans

Thanks to them, its value is now over 4 billion

THEexchange di cryptocurrency Austrian Bitpanda announced in a press release that it had raised $ 263 million during a Series C investment round led by Valar Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by billionaire Peter Thiel. Among those who participated in the financing, as a result of which its value is now 4,1 billion dollars, they should be mentioned Alan howard, REDO Ventures, LeadBlock Partners e Jump Capital.
The round follows that of the month of March. In the course of which Bitpanda had collected 170 million dollars, reaching a valuation of 1,2 billion. As reported by Reuters, thanks to the results achieved on this occasion, Bitpanda sees its price more than tripled. The loan will be used in order to strengthen the company's development and increase the technology and the international expansion plan.

bitpanda - Bitpanda raises 263 million in loans

About Bitpanda

Four months ago, Bitpanda jumped to the headlines for achieving the status of "unicorn", having broken the one billion dollar quota.
Born in 2014, on impulse of Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek e Christian Trummer, Bitpanda can currently rely on a team of over 500 people, from over 50 countries from all over the globe. Divided into offices and technology hubs located in Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Krakow, London, Madrid, Milan and Paris.
In a note issued in April, Bitpanda had already announced the expansion of the product offering, in particular by introducing commission-free shares in which you can invest throughout the day. While two months later she launched Bitpanda While Label, with the specific intent of intercepting the potential of the B2B market, making its infrastructure available to the benefit of fintechs and banks which are willing to offer trading services for their users.

Bitpanda, what will you do now?

Analysts are currently wondering what the management of the Austrian exchange could decide now. At the moment, Bitpanda can leverage one users made up of over three million users, located in eight countries of the European Union. A base that is intended to be increased by creating an extremely aggressive strategy in the immediate future.
Its users can count on an extremely flexible proposal. The choice includes not only cryptocurrencies, but also precious metals, fractional shares and other products. All of which can be treated with a minimum investment of one dollar. Features which have allowed the company to become a real phenomenon in the fintech sector.

Bitpanda in the footsteps of Coinbase?

The reference model that insiders look at, in relation to future Bitpanda decisions, is that of Coinbase. A real phenomenon, considered as at its debut, which took place in April, its capitalization reached i 112 billion dollars. Bitpanda cannot boast the same appeal for now, but the CEO of the Austrian exchange, Eric Demuth, did not fail to emphasize how the company has been profitable for five years now.
A fact that will surely have been noticed by investors, especially those looking for good deals. Self at the moment the exchange does not seem willing to go public, just what happened with Coinbase could push the top to reflect. All that remains is to wait for new developments, to understand what direction may be taken.

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