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Black Friday Products Ledger discount 30%

On the occasion of the approach of Black Friday, the world of cryptocurrency is thinking of offering promotions, some exchange they thought to decrease the fees for that day, others instead thought of competitions or already at Cyber ​​Monday.

What happens on the world wallet ? It happens that the world Ledger launched a very important promotion by making a discount!

Black Friday Products Ledger discount 30%

The ledger is the leader of hardware wallets, or physical devices to keep our cryptocurrencies safe.

In simpler words, we can keep ours crypto in exchanges, or on software in our pc or browser and also in physical media.

Obviously the safest way ever is this offer from Ledger as an Exchange can close or be hacked, a program can become corrupt or have problems, your hardware ledger instead no!

Offer 30% Ledger nano and Ledger X

The interesting offer is the 30% discount on both Nano ledger (which can only be consulted through a cable connected to the PC) and the most recent Ledger X, which can be connected via bluetooth to our smartphone and can be easily consulted.

I refer you to promotions

ledger discount 30 - Black Friday Ledger products discount 30%

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