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Block.One launches and announces the new testnet

EOS - Block.One launches and announces the new testnet

The launch of the from has been made official with a twitter ad, those who operate behind the blockchain from EOS said:

It is now easier to test and stage EOSIO applications with our # Testnet ...

This is the official testnet, specially designed to test and develop the smart contracts of the EOS blockchain quickly and easily.

In fact, previously everything was much more difficult and it was necessary to have a thorough knowledge of how be able to test smart contracts. In fact, since you have to connect to the test network, where Jungle's one is used very often and then do the tests to find out any smart contract bugs and errors. 

Using this new tool, programmers will have the opportunity to create an account directly on the platform for operate with the environment created. 

With this platform it will be possible to: 

  1. Use the tool in order to monitor the propagation of your smart contract verify its effectiveness, check how many resources it consumes.
  2. Having multi nodes to perform a test where the various nodes can be updated with the latest realase released by which in this case will be version 2.0
  3. Use a Snapshot tool which allows you to take each account to extrapolate information, such as account balances, in case you need a general airdrop, without having to reload the blockchain
  4. Use an official testnet tool made by the best engineers of consequently offering optimal reliability

Therefore, connecting to the new site for the testnet, the user will be able to operate in an optimized and updated environment where he can register with a developer account which can then be accessed on the platform, in addition he will have to develop and test the smart contract, similarly to what happens in reality. 

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