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Blockchain: in Italy for 2019 the market has reached a value of 30 million

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Investments in 2019 carried out in Italy in Blockchain reached the 30 million euros, a 100% increase over 2018.

Despite the significant increase in investments, these are still quite limited and companies are not yet close to full awareness of how best to use this tool. 

This is what emerged from a study carried out on investments by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano from the observatory Blockchain and Distributed Ledger

According to this study, 16 projects in the blockchain sector have been launched in Italy and this makes it the second nation in Europe after Great Britain. In the face of concrete applications however, this is only the beginning, in fact less than 2% of large companies and only 1% of SMEs have started concrete projects. Also only 37% of large companies and 20% of medium and small really knows the possible applications that derive from the Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger technologies.

Over 40% of the spending on the blockchain it derives from the insurance and finance sector, followed by the agri-food sector and the public administration. The Blockchain is mainly used for the management of payments, the supply chain and documents.

Globally it has been highlighted as the gateway to this world of Big of technology like Facebook with Pound and Telegram with TON, has brought attention to these new technologies also by public institutions and companies around the world. 

Despite this, the technologies are not mature enough and there are still few really concrete applications even at a global level. In fact, even in the world on 488 Distributed Ledger projects and Blockchain launched worldwide, only 47 are operational for the rest they are all in the process of experimentation or only announced, therefore not yet in planning. Among the most active countries in the sector at the moment there are the great giants of technology, namely: United States, China e South Korea of the South.

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