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Blockchain the remedy against fake news?

Fake news - Blockchain the remedy against fake news?

For some time now fake news they pose a major problem for the functioning of democratic systems. It is enough to see the real war that broke out in this regard also in our country to understand how distorted information represents an increasingly evident problem, especially in the Internet age.
Of course, the problem derives from the fact that whoever controls the information bodies is in turn concerned that the news is selected based on their particular interest. In ItalyJust to give an example, a partition system has been in force for decades, the so-called subdivision, which has tried to ensure that access to information is provided to both majority and opposition political forces. The results of this modus operandi, however, have not been exciting, as periodically witnessed by Agcom (Authority for the guarantees in the communications) in its bulletins. In practice, ensuring correct and plural information remains a dream.

The blockchain against hoaxes

How many times during a talk show, our politicians rattle off false data in support of your testhe? They can do it because, at least at the moment, nobody is able to check their veracity. In practice, the fake news circuit is an increasingly exploited propaganda weapon, as long as you check the information. In this way, what is attributed to Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister of the Third Reich: "Repeat a lie a hundred, a thousand, a million times and it will become a truth". A phrase that contains a kind of self-realization, in that there is no single proof that the Nazi hierarchy actually pronounced the offending words.
Now, however, it could be right there blockchain to act as a tool to counter this trend. The technology known for its use in the crypto sector, in fact, seems made specifically to oppose an insurmountable wall to hoaxes.

Gartner's report

According to a recent Gartner report, by 2023 up to 30% of the world's news and video content will be authenticated as real by blockchain records. This is important news, for the simple fact that up to now it had been thought that more or less independent bodies could handle it. Like the one established by Wall Street Journal, formed indeed by experts whose independence cannot be guaranteed a priori.
However, things could change rapidly thanks to the blockchain and its characteristics of traceability, transparency and decentralization. In practice it would allow to go back to the origin of the first insertion of the data from which viral information originated and, at that point, all that remains is to provide one's own interpretation of the real data.

Who already uses the blockchain in information

Something has already started to move in that direction. In fact, recently the French group Orange signed a new collaboration with the startup Block Expert, having as object, a solution created to fight false information through blockchain technology.
While the New York Times he has spread more details about his innovative The News Provenance Project, project conceived in collaboration with IBM, using HyperLedger Fabric. Thanks to it, it will be possible to apply the procedure to photojournalism by certifying the author. From here you could start to understand if the use of the photo in question corresponds to the context in it was taken.
This is of course only a first step, which can however help information to prove to be a service to citizens and not to economic potentates, as has happened so far so far.

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