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Bybit announces a sponsorship agreement with the AFA

The agreement concerns the Argentine national football team

THEexchange di cryptocurrency ByBit has announced an agreement with the Argentine football federation (AFA) for a two-year sponsorship related to the football National. An extremely important agreement for the platform, considering that next year the football world championships in Qatar. That is one of the major sporting events globally, such as to constitute an extraordinary showcase for all companies in search of popularity or willing to renew it.
It should also be considered that the Argentine selection has always represented one of the most competitive of all, as demonstrated by the two world titles won in 1978 and 1986. To make the agreement even more relevant is the presence of Lionel Messi among its ranks, or one of the best players of all ages, author of a sensational transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain in the summer.

Bybit - Bybit announces a sponsorship agreement with the AFA

About Bybit

Bybit started operating in 2018 and currently boasts over three million users, scattered in various parts of the globe. It must therefore resort to a shrewd marketing strategy in order to increase its popularity and conquer valuable market shares.
Precisely in this sense, the agreement established with the AFA can be interpreted, which can allow the exchange to have a greater penetration intoAmerica Latina. That is one of the areas in which Bybit intends to make its brand better known. To do so, its appearance on the Selección jerseys and on all the team's training clothing can actually prove to be very profitable.

The comment of the AFA

As for the Argentine federation, it was the one who made a comment on the agreement Leander Peterson, sales and marketing manager of AFA. It was he who said that the addition of Bybit to the audience of sponsors of the Platense football is very important, with a view to finding new sources of financing for the same.
In particular, the platform is in a development phase that aims to grow in terms of popularity. The same that inspires the marketing decisions of the Argentine football federation, also looking for new funds with which to try to plug the hole caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, which is proving extremely damaging to global sport.

The precedent with Borussia Dortmund

The one launched with the AFA is not the first sponsorship agreement in the sports field for Bybit. The platform founded by Ben Zhou, who is also its CEO, has in fact previously created a similar agreement with Borussia Dortmund, one of the most important teams in the Bundesliga, the largest division of German professional football.
The club is one of the most prominent in Europe, having won a Champions League (1996-97), an Intercontinental Cup and a Cup Winners' Cup in the past. To which he can add eight German titles, five national cups and six German Super Cups.

The Haaland affair

A showcase therefore of great importance for a team that even today stands out for the importance of its squad. In which the Norwegian center forward stands out Haaland, at the center of sensational rumors about his next destination. Two Premier League teams, in fact, would be ready to engage in a real battle to win the card. According to the latest news, the operation would involve the handling of no less than 400 million euros.
To benefit from the clamor of the story could be ByBit, whose brand stands out on the shirts of the German club. In confirmation of remarkable intuition with which the exchange moves regarding its marketing strategies.

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