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Cardano, IOHK has announced the launch of Glow: what is it?

Let's go and examine the latest news from ADA

Cardano it is at a very special moment in its history. The cryptocurrency of professors, in fact, is giving life to an increasingly accelerated growth, such as to place it on the lowest step of the podium in the rankings in terms of market capitalization.
A trend second only to that highlighted by Dogecoin, which, however, seems more a fashion phenomenon, being able to make use ofsupport of Elon Musk and his continuous tweets, which have created what has been called the DOGE train, with the contribution of many VIPs.
In the case of Cardano, however, the growth is interpreted by experts as the natural result of the continuous updating of the project. A work which has recently seen a further fundamental step, that represented by the launch of Glow. What is it?

cardano ada - Cardano, IOHK has announced the launch of Glow: what is it?
Cryptocurrency Cardano in the man's hand. ada

Glow: why is it important to Cardano?

The research company announced the launch of Glow blockchain IOHK. Which placed a particular emphasis on the event. But what is it really about and why could it provide even more solid foundations for ADA's growth?
Glow is basically a open source programming language on the Cardano blockchain. Which will provide the possibility to anyone who wants to write blockchain-based applications and distribute them on the network.
Its launch is the result of the collaboration undertaken by IOHK with the startup MuKn. Currently, theEthereum Virtual Machine by Cardano is based on Solidity, which is the smart contract language used on Ethereum. Glow will initially be launched and tested right on EVM's devnet.

What can you do with Glow?

In practice, the compatibility of Glow with EVM will allow the developers of write applications with significantly fewer lines of code than currently needed. In addition, a simplification of the development process will take place with a consequent reduction in its cost.
According to experts, where 100 lines are needed today, 20% will be enough thanks to Glow and the opportunity to write in other languages. The IOHK team also recalled that Once an application has been created with Glow, it can also be used on other platforms.

Interoperability is a key goal

Aparna Jue, Product Director of IOHK, stated that just interoperability is a key objective from a business perspective. And to believe that breaking down the barriers between individual blockchains and their native programming languages ​​will allow an ever-increasing number of developers to take part in the various processes. Precisely this, according to him, is why languages ​​such as Glow represent an extremely important piece of Cardano's puzzle.
He further stated that his devnet allowed testing the development of smart contracts, with a variety of different languages. Among which, for example, Plutus e Marlowe, another domain-specific language.

The possibility of errors is reduced

The latest innovation made possible by Glow was then highlighted by Francois-Rene Rideau, co-founder of MuKn. Who recalled the difficulty of writing a DApp, made such by the fact of not being able to give life to errors. Each of them, in fact, could give rise to devastating consequences in terms of costs. Being able to drastically limit this possibility therefore represents one opportunities of great importance also in terms of pure and simple convenience.

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