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Cardano was added to the Bloomberg Terminal

The project continues its impetuous growth

The cryptocurrency of professors, Cardano, was added to Bloomberg Terminal, a platform used by professional traders. A move which could bear fruit in the near future, leading towards ADA a new mass of potential investors.
An important news for the project, subject to a significant drop in the last hours, in line with what is affecting the entire cryptographic space. And certainly not such as to affect the very strong growth of which Cardano has been a protagonist for months now. Suffice it to say that after opening the year at $ 0,18, despite the decline of 9,5% recorded in the last week it is currently standing at 1,02. A level that puts him in contention for a place on the podium of the capitalization ranking of cryptocurrency.

cardano ada - Cardano has been added to Bloomberg Terminal
Cryptocurrency Cardano in the man's hand. ada

The continuous transformation of Cardano

The news regarding the addition to Bloomberg Terminal comes at a very special time for Cardano. That is in the middle of the Shelley update, the second of five. The others are Byron (already implemented), Goguen, Basho and Voltaire.
The third act of this roadmap, Goguen, is expected as a real milestone. The transformations it will bring, in fact, should make the blockchain by Cardano ideal for anyone working in the decentralized finance sector. In particular, making transactions much cheaper than those taking place on Ethereum. So much so that it has prompted many observers to indicate the project as the most dangerous opponent of the creation of Vitalik Buterin.

Mike Novogratz's question

Just days before Bloomberg Terminal's decision, Mike Novogratz he had asked himself a series of questions during a discussion with his followers on Twitter. Particularly wondering if anyone was turning to its blockchain and what was the reason for such a high market cap (it is currently above $ 32 billion). The announcement of the exchange platform consequently provides an indirect answer to your questions. Witnessing how the interest of the financial markets towards ADA is something absolutely real. And such that it can turn into a rushing wave with the passage of time. Despite the doubts that have been expressed about the project over the last few hours.

Nic Carter's attack

It was above all the co-founder of Coin Metrics who expressed his doubts about Cardano, Nic Carter. Who stated during an interview with Bloomberg that he does not know a single application distributed on Cardano. And to have noted the obvious lack of enthusiasm for the platform among developers. So much so that he was bewildered by the great growth of its capitalization.
A series of statements to which he replied Charles Hoskinson, the image man of Cardano, who claimed that no less than a hundred companies of some importance would be ready to land on Cardano.
Previously, Hoskinson himself had in turn attacked his great rival with unusual verve. Claiming that a comparison between the two blockchains was absolutely unthinkable. So much so that for Cardano the competition with Ethereum would be equivalent to a karate fight in which the other person would not only be 96 years old, but would also be in a wheelchair. Perhaps a heavy joke, but one that testifies to the great rivalry that is forming between two projects which now seem to be on a collision course.

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