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Cardano will be added to the University of Zurich blockchain course

Another shot of the image for the project

Cardano will be added to the course on blockchain of the University of Zurich. It was the same Swiss university to announce it, pointing out that the teaching in question will be offered to students of theUZH Blockchain Center. The course was designed with the intent of informing students about different aspects of blockchain technology. Not only those of a technical nature, but also the theory of critical design, the economics and incentives on which the systems in question are based, and their interaction with existing infrastructures in the real world.

cardano ada - Cardano will be added to the University of Zurich blockchain course
Cryptocurrency Cardano in the man's hand. ada

“Deep Dive into Blockchain 2021”: a remarkable recognition for Cardano

"Deep Dive into Blockchain 2021", this is the name of the course proposed by the University of Zurich, constitutes a notable recognition for Cardano, in a very particular moment for Charles Hoskinson's project.
The cryptocurrency of professors, as ADA is indicated by many for the contribution given by many academics to its development, is in fact giving rise to a remarkable series of changes. Which are proposed in particular to make its blockchain more and more performing from a perspective DeFi.
In fact, many projects related to decentralized finance are currently looking for faster and, above all, less expensive solutions than Ethereum, which is the network on which they are currently running. And Cardano seems able to intercept this trend, so much so that it proposes itself as a real Ethereum Killer. That is the project that could definitively defeat Vitalik Buterin's project, putting him out of the game. A name currently shared with Polkadot.

David Hoffman's attack on Cardano

Just in the last few days, Cardano has been the victim of a notable attack by David Hoffman, the co-founder of Bankless. Which in the course of a conversation with Scott Melker did not hesitate to indicate the project as a scam.
A judgment that seemed all too harsh, which naturally led to a reply on the part of Charles Hoskinson. The CEO of IOHK, in fact, had a good game in reminding the journalist that it is one thing to have a negative opinion on the token and quite another to indicate it as something that openly goes against the law. A reply which could only be the first step, considered as it is now common practice to resolve internal disputes in the cryptographic space in court. How could it actually happen even on this occasion.

Meanwhile, contacts between universities and blockchain continue

While the controversy over Cardano rages, it should still be emphasized that the announcement of the Swiss university constitutes a notable shot in terms of image. Confirming the attention of the academic world towards a cryptocurrency that continues to enjoy excellent health and which seems destined to make its foundations even more solid in the immediate future, thanks to the continuous adaptation work by its developers.
The course of the University of Zurich, for its part, is going to be inscribed in an increasingly accentuated trend. The one that sees more and more universities interested in the proposal of study courses on the blockchain, evidently seen as a technology by now established and which it is impossible not to take into account. In fact, in addition to Zurich, other prestigious institutions had previously done so. From MIT (MIT), fromHarvard University and from Cornell University. A trend destined to accentuate in the immediate future.

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