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Chainalysis: BTC-funded alt-right groups before Capitol Hill

The donation would have been made by a French citizen

BSI made of Capitol Hill, with the onslaught of right-wing groups on the United States Congress, they caused a stir around the world. Especially in light of the fact that they have exposed the presence of a world that is often little known, which can represent a danger to democracy in the stars and stripes.
Among the facts that came out in the hours following the event, there is one that it's just about the world of cryptography. Raising many questions.

Capitol Hill - Chainalysis: BTC funded alt right groups before Capitol Hill

What has happened

According to the crypto company Chainalysis, a month before the assault on the Capitol in Washington, the groups of the alt right then implicated in the raid they received a strong donation in Bitcoin. Equal to approx 522mila U.S. dollars the moment it took place.
Among the 22 recipients of the donation that Nick Fuentes who, despite not having participated in the assault, was spotted among the participants in the demonstration from which the riots ensued. The bulk of the donation went to him, or 13,5 BTC, equal to about 250 thousand dollars. The organization PBS he indicated Fuentes himself as the one who in the previous days incited the extremists. In particular, encouraging them to take out the law to prevent the certification of Biden's victory.
Others benefited from the anti-immigration organization VDARE, Ethan Ralph, the neo-Nazi blog Daily Stormer, the leader of the white supremacists Patrick Casey and several addresses whose owners are not yet identified.

Chainalysis did not specify the donor

Chainalysis has not yet specified who the donor is. With the clear intention not to interfere with the ongoing legal proceedings. However, he described the individual as a French blogger who could have died in the days following the donation.
The company itself did not want to tie the donation to the Capitol Hill events. At the same time he stressed that the timing itself leaves strong suspicions in this regard. Also stating that the new Biden administration, precisely in light of this donation, should carefully monitor cryptocurrency passages in favor of extremist organizations. Recalling that the tools to do this exist and consist precisely in the intrinsic transparency of technology blockchain. Which allows you to track transactions in real time and prevent funds from reaching violent groups, such as those of the alt right.

The Dan Larimer case

The Chainalysis denunciation comes at a very special time for the world of cryptography. The one marked by the decision of Dan Larimer, who has abandoned, of which he was Chief Technology Officer.
A decision inspired by the desire to "continue to build solutions capable of laying real foundations for the free market and aimed at guaranteeing life, freedom, property and justice for all." Nothing strange so far.
To these essentially neutral words, however, he has added others that make us think. That is when Larimer says in practice that he wants to contribute to the launch of technologies more resistant to censorship. Words that could not go unnoticed in the days when <br><br>Donald Trump was banned from Facebook and Twitter. Like Fuentes, he had also been deleted from YouTube for hate speech, Holocaust denial, and the promotion of other conspiracy theories. So much so as to push some analysts to predict Larimer's next political commitment. Of course in the ranks of the republican right.

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