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Chainlink continues its growth

Chainlink - Chainlink continues its growth

If you thought the Bitcoin would increase his level of dominance in the field of cryptocurrency, after thehalving on 11 May, however, the forecasts seem to be coming true. Indeed, the Altcoins are gaining strength, at a time when the queen of virtual currencies seems to be in a phase of stasis.
Among the alternative cryptocurrencies, there is a name that is currently on everyone's lips. It's about chainlink, which set a new historical record, soaring up to reach $ 8,40. Thus confirming the prediction of Michel Van de Poppe, which a few months ago had claimed to expect the breakdown of the $ 7 resistance.
A growth which allowed Link to easily overcome Eos e, entering momentum in the Top Ten of CoinMarketCap.

A growth that knows no obstacles

Link's growth isn't new. On the contrary, the virtual uniform has been going upwards for some time now, breaking barrier after barrier.
Due to the latest data has now brought down the $ 2,5 billion threshold in terms of market capitalization and promises further growth in the near future.
What are the peculiarities that have enabled him to attract many new investors? According to experts, three factors are playing in his favor:
1) having inaugurated a long series of important new collaborations, among which the one with the service network stands out Blockchain national of the China, an evident sign that the project is gaining confidence;
2) its technical structure, of a bullish nature;
3) the moment of strong growth of the Altcoins, which is generating an increasingly large space in which the most ambitious projects are being put on.

Chainlink and the World Economic Forum

To better understand the great potential of chainlink, it is necessary to remember at this point how exactly this virtual currency was included by the World Economic Forum in a ranking relating to the 100 most important technological projects for the future.
The companies indicated in this ranking can boast a technological impact deemed of the utmost importance in order to optimize a long series of sectors. Including agriculture, health and others that are in a phase of intense transformation. A process involving new technologies such as ML, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, robotics and biotechnology, among others.

Not just a medal, but a guarantee

Inclusion on this list is not just a kind of medal for the Chainlink development team. The companies indicated, in fact, over the next few years will be called to be an integral part of a long series of key initiatives and events. Within which they will be able to establish fruitful collaborations with private sector leaders and various policy makers.
Precisely for this reason it does not seem risky to think that Link is destined to continue his ascending parable for a long time, proposing himself as a real industry standard. So much so as to be indicated by some analysts such as the Tesla of cryptocurrencies, with a reference that is not exactly hidden from the capacity for innovation that it uses.

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