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Chainlink grows again and conquers the third position

Experts are wondering what could happen

The golden moment of chainlink. The token, in fact, gave life in the week just closed to a further rally, as a result of which it reached 13,86 dollars, its all-time high. A further increase of 37% which allowed him to conquer the third position in the OnChainFx ranking. The podium was won against Ripple e Tether, giving new testimony to the expectations of the markets.

Chainlink - Chainlink grows again and conquers the third position

An unstoppable trend, that of Chainlink?

The impetuous growth of Chainlink naturally prompts analysts to ask themselves whether this trend can continue or if, on the contrary, a pronounced decline is to be expected. Those who invested in the token, in fact, could decide to capitalize on his choice. Just think in this sense that those who bought a year ago, when Link was in 12th place in the ranking in terms of capitalization, today would leave the position assumed with a 487% profit.
A very intriguing question therefore. To which, however, it is not easy to answer at this time, even if the data relating to the new peak in terms of daily active addresses which according to Santiment have exceeded 15.600. Further evidence of the token's good health and attraction.

The controversial report from Zeus Capital

In this context, the strange story relating to a report attributed to Zeus Capital LLP, in which Chainlink was defined as a fraud. As a consequence, he has compromised the imminent collapse and one loss of value in the order of 99%.
A report which forced Zeus Capital Limited, an asset management company regulated by the FCA, to issue a statement aimed at specifying that it had no role in the affair. That is not to be responsible for the offending relationship.
The story will certainly have to be clarified, but the experts seem to lean towards a very different assessment: Chainlink is anything but a scam.

Tone Vays praises Zeus Capital

The study, consisting of 59 pages, however, sparked intense discussion among industry experts. In which Tone Vays, exegete of Bitcoin, did not hesitate to praise its goodness.
An opinion which, however, seems to clash very clearly with some recent events. From recognition of the World Economic Forum, who indicated Link among the technological pioneers of 2020. To better understand what it is, it should be remembered that this award is awarded by referring to a series of standards. Among which the ability to innovate, to assume leadership in the sector, the influence and importance of the company for the other platforms of the WEF.
Most of the companies that are considered in this ranking work in the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, in robotics, biotechnology and technological finance. In other words, in all those sectors that are able to advance society towards ever higher technological levels.

The collaborations of Chainlink

Another factor to take into consideration, when talking about Chainlink, is the growing number of collaborations activated. Even with high-level companies, such as Huobi.
To favor them is precisely the remarkable reputation of its oracles. All of which have also been recently used by Google, for one of its programs. It seems complicated to think that companies of this kind can give credit to a scam.

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