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Chainlink, its growth begins to cause fears

Cryptowhale's warning reopens the discussion on the token

The growth of chainlink it seems to know no obstacles whatsoever. Pushed by the so-called Link Marines, the supporters who, for their total fulfillment of the cause, are equated with the components of the army XRP di Ripple, the cryptocurrency has given rise to a series of upward raids which have allowed it to climb positions on positions in the capitalization ranking of virtual currencies.
The trend highlighted, however, has in recent days started to make some experts think. Which highlighted the sinister assonance between Link's growth and the upward movement of Altcoins in 2017. Ended with an epochal course for many investors.

chainlink 1 - Chainlink, its growth begins to cause fears

Chainlink: Cryptowhale's warning

Cryptowhale is a fairly authoritative voice in the crypto industry. Entrepreneur and investor, his predictions launched on Twitter are considered very reliable by many users. Precisely for this reason, his warning should be taken very seriously: attention should be paid to chainlink.
A warning, moreover, justified by a series of similarities he found between the bullish movement of Chainlink and the one that affected the Altcoins during 2017.
These similarities are as follows:

  1. too rapid and uncontrolled growth of the price;
  2. purchases in huge quantities;
  3. creation of FOMO, or a feeling of fear deriving from the anxiety of being excluded from an unmissable event;
  4. equally quick and huge sales for quantity;
  5. price correction in the order of 99%;
  6. disaster for a large number of buyers left with the classic lit match in hand.

A well-founded prediction?

Cryptowhale's prediction was met with considerable interest, naturally mixed with equally skepticism. The second attitude is due to the fact that Link is currently in a period of great dusting. Enough to push some analysts to predict one growth such as to shortly reach a price of 30 dollars.
A prediction that seems supported by the rest of the World Economic Forum, according to which Link is to be considered among the technological pioneers of 2020. A very important recognition from a body which works in the sector of latest generation technologies.
Furthermore, the project has been able to give rise to a significant growth in reputation in recent months. Witnessed by a series of extremely relevant partnerships, such as the one with Huobi. Precisely for this reason Cryptowhale's words have aroused some surprise.

The Zeus Capital report

However, he had recently expressed himself on the same wave Zeus Capital LLP. By publishing a report in which he bluntly accused Chainlink as a clear fraud operation.
A judgment shared by Tone Vays and which has returned to hover in the background after Cryptowhale's warning. Also because in the same report a 99% drop in the value of the token is expected. A forecast which should lead to a minimum of caution not only investors, but also many experts. Who, however, do not seem to have any doubts about Link's future destinies.
Of course, the hope is that they are right, as a collapse like the one envisioned by Zeus Capital would leave the smoldering carcass of a large number of investors on the ground. Finally resulting dangerous for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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