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Chainlink reaches 16% touching 5 euros!

We rarely talk about the performances of cryptocurrency, the reason is that while you are writing the news you risk having a sudden collapse and therefore having given an already old news.

Chainlink growth of 16%

In this case of chainlink we are witnessing an important case, a growth of 16% in a single day but supported, as can be seen from the graph below, by a growing upward trend that led to break through the 5 euro wall !.

chainlink chart - Chainlink reaches 16% touching 5 euros!

Technically it seems (the conditional is always to be used) a healthy and constant growth, correlated with many good partnerships certainly but without great peaks.

Chainlink (see where to buy chinlink) is a very interesting project that uses api to store and query the Oracle database in its own blockchain. Obviously, Oracle is used only by large companies for stable and important projects, if the gas used for the blockchain entered strongly in all companies, it would greatly increase its value.

Chainlink news

Currently there is no news to justify this surge, there are no partnerships declared in these hours .... Will the news be out?


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